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Letter from John

Brev fra en gutt som savner moren.

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Letter from John,


Dear family, since I came to Norway, I have been busy helping uncle Sivert at the farm. He has a lot of cows, chickens and hens. It’s a quite big farm. He has even pigs!


When the autumn comes we all have to help uncle to get the animals inside the barn. The hens are having eggs as babies, they hatch and become tiny small chickens, and they are so such sweet! I’d wish you could come see, Norway is the best country I have ever lived in, the grass is green, the see is blue and the mountains, I can’t explain how terrific they are, beautiful! That’s all I can say.


2 days ago, we were out in uncle Siverts boat, we were out fishing and that was quite fun, excepted i lost my only fish at the fishing rod, I got over it when I saw uncle Sivert caught a huge salmon out at the sea. That fish is most usually caught in the rivers. He also took up a little sprout he called it, it’s a funny fish because it has beard! Its just like one of the Harley Davidson guys in America, but it’s a fish. We ate it for dinner, it didn’t taste that good, but it was better than nothing. Aunt would be really upset if I didn’t eat.


Today the first snow came for the year here, so we had to put all the animals inside the barn. There are a huge house and its separated so the animals don’t get mixed together and make trouble with that.


We just had dinner now, we had chicken, I think that was the best food I have ever tasted! I can’t wait until tomorrow to get the leftovers of the dinner, so now I am going for bed.


Good night my family, I really miss you guys.


From John

Legg inn din oppgave!

Vi setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir en tekst til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!

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