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Du er her: Skole > Heaven


Sometimes everything is wrong, and it is one of those times now. Nothing is the way it’s meant to be. But I will love you daddy, always.

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She was exhausted and wanted to give up but she couldn’t. She knew what would happen if she turned back. But she was so tired, so tired that she lost her breath for a moment. She had to stop to take a short break. And she did. She sat down, and just looked back to her home. How could they do this to her? They knew she didn’t want it, but they pushed her. She listens carefully, and then she heard some one yelling. Christina, Cristina come back home. Right now! Yeah, you heard me Christina. HOME, NOW! At once she was standing, running away. Away from her home, away from her mother. Away from that stupid farm. Away from it all.


She couldn’t take it, it was a tough nut to crack. After a while Christina turned around, and she couldn’t see the house anymore. Yeah, I am a cry-baby she thought, but everybody cries sometimes. And everybody hurts. She knew she also could be as tough as nails. She thought she’s always been a fighter, but whit out him she gave up. When Christina lost him, her life was totally broken.


Christina wasn’t like the others, she had her own way to tough something out. When she had a hard time she had to run, run away the pain. She used to run up to the mountain, and look at the spectacular view. The same trip that she used to go with a special person, but this year she had to go on her own. Cause’ that person was gone now.


Christina loved the nature, it was a part of her life. The only part of her that wasn’t broken. Also a part that the other people in her family didn’t understood. Why, do they do this to me? Why? Couldn’t they see trough me, they act just as they don’t care at all. Do they expect me to believe that I’m going to let it happened? It’s not supposed to feel this way, I need you I need you more and more each day. Christina knew it, she knew she loved her father even when he’s gone. So, why couldn’t they just see how she felt? Why?


Her mother couldn’t decide that she had to go to their wedding. She hated him, even trough hat doesn’t work out a problem. Who did he think he was, just marry her mother. She knew that she never is going to love him! She never is going to call him daddy, never in her whole life.


One time she had a father, and he’s the father that she wanted to keep. Her father had it all, he was so idyllic, a true-hearted daddy. He was everything, everything that she wanted. He was the only one that understood her, they was very close to each other. And he’s still very dear to her, nobody could change that. He means the world to Christina, and she couldn’t imagine how it would be if she accepts that the other man was going to marry her mother. It had been just the same as she had forgotten her daddy, and wanted a new one. And Christina didn’t want to deceive her father. So one thing was sure, she couldn’t take a new father in to her life, no way. Sometimes everything is wrong, and it is one of those times now. Nothing is the way it’s meant to be. But I will love you daddy, always.


Christina couldn’t believe that her sister was as cool as a cucumber, she didn’t care one way or an other. It’s seems like our father doesn’t mean anything to her.


If only I could turn back time, and change what happened. I’m so sorry daddy, but I can’t. I hope you’re all right now.


She looked in to the sky. It’s been a year now, daddy. I wonder if you can see me. I really, really miss you. You were the greatest daddy. I wish that you would be here with me, going our trip. I want you to know that every night when I’m going to sleep, I always look at a picture of us two together, and remember the time we had together. Then I don’t want to close my eyes, I don’t want to fall asleep cause’ I miss you dad and I don’t want to miss a thing. Cause even when I dream of you, the sweetest dream would never do. I still miss you dad, and I don’t want to miss a thing.


And I try not to cry, because I know you don’t like it when I cry, but I can’t stop crying. Sorry I can’t help it. I miss you so... I’ll leave a key outside, just I case if you come home, to kiss me goodnight. Is it true daddy, that you never coming home?


She had tears in her eyes, and turned back home. Maybe some day, I can visit you in heaven…

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