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The big birthday speech

Ein engelsk tale til min søster.

Karakter: 5+ (grunnkurs)

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My sweet sister and dearest friend, it’s unbelievable that you are already turning 25 years old. I remember it as yesterday, when we both were 5 years younger joking and pretended fighting at “The green house”. Of course I always won. Even if you have grown alot, doesn’t mean we still can’t do it occasionally, cause we all know that you are still very childish in your own positive way. And I have to say that I really appreciate that.


You have always been a person that I can trust and that I can talk to. That makes me remember something that you said to me several years back, dropping me off at my home. You said ”If there is anything you need to talk about with someone, you can always count on me.” Even though I never took advantage of that opportunity, it was really nice to know that I had it and that I still have it.     


What really impresses me is that you never lie. When someone asks you for your opinion about something, you say it. Without holding anything back, you tell them exactly what you think. You are a completely honest person and that is just impossible not to admire.


The first time I found out that you were a completely honest person, I didn’t like it as much as I do now. I had just painted an awful looking painting that I gave to you. You told me what you thought of it with all your honesty, and that wasn’t much. I got so disappointed cause I was certain that I had painted a masterpiece.


I call you, my sweetest sister, once a week, and I feel that we each time have more and more to talk about. So much to catch up with. I know that I can tell you everything, and that is what I normally do.   


You are a wonderful sister and a remarkable friend, I am incredible lucky to have you in my life, as both sister and a good friend.


Something even more fascinating about you is that you always put everyone else first, I don’t recall the last time you showed any sign of being self-centred or selfish. I know that this birthday party will be the best because everyone else also knows what a great person you are, and that makes every party enjoyable.


When I was a little baby you used to look after me, even though you weren’t that good at it, like dropping me at the floor a couple of times. Don’t you even try denying it girl, cause we have it all on videotape.


I know that through all our best years, we have been teasing eachother alot. I always give you a hint, knowing how small you are, while you tell me that it’s not me that’s the smallest and cutest in the family anymore, but that it is you. And you are right, you are very cute.


Realising the fact that you live more than 8 ours away from me, I still feel very close to you. Calling you once a week makes me feel that you are right here with me.


There is so much to say, in so little time, about how great you are. And I believe that you will get even better and better by the years to come. I love you so much sis, you mean the world to me.

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