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The HaXXor

Engelsk stil skrevet i 10. klasse.

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It was a regular Monday morning, it was raining outside, the trees was heavy as they were carrying all the heavy rain that dropped from the sky. Behind those big spooky trees its lays an even scarier house. A small cat was running around in the driveway of the house when suddenly a tall black guy put his head out and shouted “Wooosj, Be gone pest” the cat ran in fear and didn’t even look back. The guy went back in is house while talking to himself; “Those creatures, always running around making extremely enjoying noises and getting on people’s nerves, arh can’t understand those people that actually keep em as pets” he laughed.


As he was going back to his breakfast table the doorbell rang. He didn’t even bother to open it. “It’s probably just some kids trying to sell the paper or something” He thought. When he got back to the breakfast table or “breakfast” table, it was more like a computer desk. A large one to, with several screens, keyboards and even 3 laptop’s. They were all connected to each other, when you walked in there it didn’t remind you about an normal house but like the national bank in the U.S.A. However it didn’t take an “Einstein” to figure out that he was one hell of a Computer geek. He’s name was Will Smith.


Will Smith was 24 years old. He quitted school kind of early because of an episode at the school. The moved to a other town but he never found the meaning of going back to school. He didn’t learn anything he said. He was always bragging about how smart he is and school is no good for him. He didn’t have any parents when he grew up. They both died in a car accident when he was only 3 years old. And he had been living with his uncle ever since that day. His uncle was a very strange man. Always sitting in his cheer watching Television. And each and every time Will got up at night to get something to drink or go to the bathroom he was sitting infront of his computer. It seemed to Will that he never slept at all, but he never bother to ask him either. However his uncle past away a few months ago so Will now lives by himself. He seems rich and all but no one understands it. He don’t got a job or anything still he got more money then he needs. The rumours says the he hack into people’s back accounts, and steel a very small amount if their money so they even don’t noticed it or it is so small so they don’t bother to do anything about it.


 As I managed earlier here it was a reason he dropped out of school, It was a girl back at his old school that he was so into that he would do anything to get her. Her named was Sophie Wade. “As the ugly geek he was”. That were the words he have been hearing from some other students that she had described him. So he knew that he wouldn’t get her in a normal way. So one day he actually kidnapped here and planted a kind of chip inside her forehead. One of the things the chip did was that she didn’t remember anything that happened that night and none noticed that she was missing that night and she were back home before bed time that evening.


A week later; Sophie was gone! None had seen her in 3 days now. Not the parents none of her friends. They had now called in the police but there were no signs of her anywhere. Days and days past, still no sign of her. The police started to think of the worst and as the days past that come more and more likely. The ninth day: The scary Sunday night felled on and Sophie’s parents were more worried now then ever. They could barely sleep at all that night.


It was Monday again and Sophie had been missing for 10 days now. As the students came to school the teachers looked worried and they was gathering all the students in the big gym room to speak to us for something important. The rumours had already started, Someone said that they have found Sophie dead and some other said that she was still missing. None knew what happened except Will Smith.


As the speaker went on, a silence rushed trough the room. The headmaster started to talk “You all know that Sophie Wade one of the youngest students here on our school have been missing for 10 days now.” “To start with the good news” he said as he tried to sound happy in his voice. “Sophie Wade was found this morning laying in the corner of the classroom with the computers next to the old computer that none uses anymore” People started talking at once and the headmaster went on the speaker again: “ssssh, Well that was the good news. When we found Sophie Wade this morning she was unconscious is not laying in the hospital. We don’t know what happened to her or when she gonna wake up again, but we will give you students more info as we get more info from the hospital. The only student who looked angry and upset was Will Smith because he knew what had happened and that pissed him off. Now he knew what one of the teacher where talking about the other day, Bob Harte. All that talk about how the computer had talked to him and claimed that it was Sophie that was trapped in there. Bob didn’t listen at first but then he got more an more convinst and he in a way must have helped her out.


It was someone who had trapped her in there. But how? And who? That was just what Will Smith had been doing the past month. He was so desperate in love with this girl that he actually trapped her inside a computer. Because computers is the only thing he can and knows how to handle. For 10 days he had been alone every night with Sophie and he was happy as ever. Until Bob Harte came along. Evil touts ran trough Will’s mind as he was thinking of all that happened that year at school and now he was planning on getting back on Bob Harte. But what he didn’t knew that Sophie hadn’t escaped. Only her body, her mind was still trapped inside the computer. All these years she have been trapped in there since the day she disappeared. And Will himself that created all this didn’t know about it.


After all these years Will Smith had come up with something to do with Bob Harte. Bob was no longer a teacher, he was old now and he were home most of the time. So Will knew where to find him. He was planning on getting Bob Harte trapped inside his computer then inject it with a virus that usually “eats” up the computer inside and destroys it. It will still do that but when a person are trapped inside the virus will not only “eat” the computer but also the person who are trapped inside of it.


Sophie Wave were still trapped in the old computer at the school and when you have been trapped inside a thing for that long time you learn its system and you know how to use it. So Sophie were now what you can call a “Einstein” within the Computer world. And with the Internet connection she could in a way communicate with other computers. And she knew about Will Smith plans and she also knew that he will gonna need that chip he planted in the computer. He only had one at home and he will need one chip inside Mr. Harte’s forehead and one in his computer. So he needed the one from the computer at the old school.


First he needed to do the same to Bob Harte as he did to Sophie Wade, Kidnap him and plant the chip inside his forehead. Next morning he got to work, I snaked up to Mr Harte’s house and as he was old and home alone that was piece of cake. When he got back home he planted the chip erased the memory for the day and put Mr. Harte back at his place. All he needed to do now was to make some settings in his computer get the chip from the computer back at the school and wait.


As Will Smith was all relaxed back at his places Sophie was working like hell. Because Will didn’t know that her mind were still trapped in there and now with the chip inside Mr. Harte’s Forehead she could communicate with Mr Harte trough his mind. And since Mr. Harte have been trough this before I knew what were going on. And Sophie Wade and Bob Harte decided to set up a trap for Will Smith and let him taste some of his own medicine. As clever as Sophie Wade was she know exactly what to do a little help from the outside she could manage it. When Will Smith was on his way to the School, Bob Harte were already there and he had removed the chip from his forehead an he was ready to make a move. Will Smith entered the building, he looked around with his scary black face, started to walk a few steps before he stopped again. He looked worried. He started again, he now saw the door he opened it and the second he sat en foot inside that room a club or something hit him in the back of his head. It was Bob Harte. He had now knocked Will out and only had one thing left to do, plant the chip in his forehead. When that was done he signalised Sophie and from inside the computer she erased his mind and put him back to when he enter the building.


Will Smith entered the building, he looked around with his scary black face, he started to walk a few steps before he stopped again. He looked worried. He started again, he now saw the door, and he opened it and took a small step inside. He just stood there for a minute or two while he looked around. They he got an eye on the computer. The target he thought to himself, He took out the chip from the computer as planned, and when he did that Sophie was free. But she didn’t make a move yet. She was just leaning backwards and letting him to the work. He took the chip put it inside his laptop. Now it was all cleared. The only thing he needed to do now was to push the “Enter” button twice. First one to get Mr Harte trapped inside and the second time to inject the virus. The only thing Will Smith didn’t know of was that the chip wasn’t inside Mr Harte’s Forehead it was inside his own head!! And the second he pushed “Enter” he would trap himself. With a huge smile on his face he pushed the button. An extremely painful feeling ran trough Will’s body and he’s face looked like he was having 1000 knifes in him. Then he disappeared, he was now trapped. Sophie was now free and her mind came back to her body that has been laying on the hospital unconscious for years. But back to the school, all that Mr. Harte needed to do now was to set an end to this misery by pushing the button and inject the virus and get rip of the computer. He counted down “10 , 9 , 8 , 7 ,6 ,5 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 : ENTER! And the virus got to work. Mr. Harte got rid of the computer and got back him pretended that nothing had happened.


The next morning’s Newspaper’s: A miracle has been made! Sophie Wade that have been unconscious since she was a little girl are now Awake! That was the headline of all the newspaper’s around in the country. And Will Smith? He was never seen again. And this time I mean NEVER!

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