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Du er her: Skole > "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

"Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

Book report of "Of Mice and Men".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The book is about George and Lennie who are ranch workers. Lennie is a very large and strong, but gentle man with the mind of a child. Lennie works on ranches and travels with George, who looks after him.


George is Lennie’s friend and finds them work. He looks after Lennie and tries to keep him out of trouble. Both men dream of saving enough money to buy their own ranch one day.


The book starts with that George and Lennie is walking on the road seeking for å new job. George tells Lennie how to behave and that he not can say what he like when he comes to the ranch, he shall George stand for the talking it is easiest that way.


When they comes to the ranch early next morning, they goes right to the boss and talks to him, he wonders why a man cleaver like George travel around with a man like Lennie. George says that they are cousins’ sow the boss wouldn’t ask so much.


When the two men are finish at the boss he says that they shall take their stuff down to the workers house, and settled down. And after that George and Lennie travels with the other men out to the field and working with collecting weed.


Curley, the boss son, try to make Lennie’s life because he’s mind is like a child and he is much cleaver than he is. He thinks that Lennie will take his wife because she is a very pretty woman. And he is going to do every thing to find anything on Lennie so that he can go to his father and get him and George fired. But Lennie is a good worker and a strong man and could carry more than the other workers on the ranch.


One day Lennie gets a puppy of Slim the man in lead in the work group. He was gentle with his puppy, and played with in the barn. But one day things vent wrong and he pet the puppy to hard and the puppy died, and then Curley’s wife came inn to the barn and Lennie covered the puppy with hay because he taught that George would be angry if he found out. Curley’s wife came to him and Lennie looks up at her, she starts talking to him and lets him feel how soft her hair is. Lennie feel his hair and can’t stop feeling sow when she takes her head away he holds on to her hair and she starts screaming. When she starts to scream, Lennie held harder on to her hair and takes his other hand and lays it over her mouth to stop her from screaming because hi thinks that George will be angry at him if he finds out about the puppy. But he when she still is screaming he became angry and with an accident he kills her. Lennie gets scared and runs to his and George plays by the river, and hides there.


After a while they finds her and Curley orders all men to find Lennie but George no where he is and borrows Carlson’s gun and leaves to find Lennie, when he finds him he tell Lennie to see the other way and than he shoots him, Lennie dies in peace.


When I read this story about the to men I think that the author wants to tell that to persons can be good friends but a friend like George take a hard decision just to let his friend die in peace and not knowing instead that he will get a more pain full dead. George has to think what’s best for his friend, and do what’s best for him, even it that not is the simples’ thing to do for him.


When reading the book I think that this is not my kind of book, I read a lot but this book is a bit difficult even for a person who reads so much as me. It is a story that makes you think. The book has to much difficult words and John Steinbeck has a difficult way of writing. This is not a book I will tell my friend to read. But it is made a film to the book also and that is a film to se. It is a heart braking story about to friends after all.

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