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Et fiktivt horoskop.

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Do you have problems concerning money, love, school, work, friends, parents, sisters, brothers, or any other thing? I am offering you a personal horoscope, to help you finding the way it or a solution for all. Start paying for your horoscope today, read it tomorrow!

Aries: This is not a good month for you, you will have trouble concentrating
about everything. Homework will not go well, no love, nothing will go
well, with the exception of games. You will win every game you play. So I
recommend you to play love games, if you want to succeed in love, lotto if you
want to win money....
One other positive thing is that you will receive a lot of presents....

It is not much to say about you this month. You are going to" party"

like hell, not a night of sleep, not a day without school......!
You will have a lot of short relationships with people you don’t remember,
and it won’t hurt you to get dumped this month (all you want is sleep)

You are going to have the greatest month of your life. You will
fall in love, and your feelings will be returned!! You will have a
good relationship, but it won’t last for ever...This will also be a good
month for family life. You will get a more loving mother and father; they will
be much easier to speak to and with.
But your friends will envy you and you will have many sore fights.

You are angry a lot, and you will feel lonely. But suddenly your
friends will be there to support you. Because of your friends, this month will
not just be bad, but also nice and cosy.
I said you would feel lonely, but that is only considering love. You will
never forget the support from friends the rest of your life. A journey will
be planned.

You will be healthier than ever, and your body will love it. You will
feel fresh because of the soon summer. But homework will bore you to
death, and you will look out at the football field with wide, wet eyes. Your
friends and family will envy you the sporty spirit. But you don’t care; it’s
time for love, football, summer and more love.

You have been waiting long to see your dreams come true and NOW is
the time for this to happen. The Price or Princess of your life will turn up
any moment, any minute. Maybe you see something in your boyfriend that you
never saw before, or it can be the new guy in the classroom, next to you. I
can’t predict the future, but your planets are in position for great things.
But you will also need time to concentrate on your family.

Libra: You will have a good time with homework, because your mind is calm
and concentrated. It has been needed.
Your love life will not please you as much as you would like. You will sit
down thinking many times a day, and this will maybe cause that you gain some
weight. So, my advice: even if the sofa looks tempting, you should take your
bike for a ride instead.

Scorpio: As we all know, reality bites This month all relationships will end
bad, and if you are looking for a friend, don’t bother.
Even when you need your friends the most, they will not have the time for
you. But don’t blame them, they have lives too.
Your parents are good people, you can rely on them. If I was a Scorpio I
would have a good talk with my parents.

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