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When I set the record

En jente som er dårlig i sport vinner til slutt.

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Sally was a slow runner, she was always last in the competitions she took part in. Her parents wanted her to quit, but Sally disagreed. She was a fat girl, so if she didn’t train a little, she would become huge! What should she do? She started to train in the huckleberry woods, there no one could come and tease her.


She had to strengthen her mind, or else she would give up. To her friends she said that she had given up running. It worked out well, no one had slightest suspect of what Sally did in the woods. They thought she had gone a little mad, but was too proud to ask her what she was doing.


After a year it come a great competition to town. All the best runners were going to join the race. Sally joined to. And there it was, the big day. Sally hadn’t slept all night, because of the nerves in her stomach. They were all surprised of seeing Sally on the start line. They laughed and called her loser and stuff. The race was 5 km long, and it was a hard race.


Sally started slow and hoped the best ones would break their necks before the goal and she could come and take the victory from them. It worked great; Sally gave her best in the past 2 km and won with 5 seconds! She felt great when she took the gold medal in front of everyone. Sally earned a lot of respect, and they who had teased her, came by and said they were sorry.


The moral is that you should always give your best and believe in yourself.

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