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My mistake

En engelsk stil hvor temaet skulle være rus og rusmidler...

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This was it. There was no going back now. All of a sudden I felt some doubt in my mind,- did I really want to do this? Well, I had to do it. I could not disappoint all the people that had turned up to watch. They would call me a sissy, or maybe a chicken. That’s what all the persons who didn’t try drugs are called. They’re outsiders. Did I want to be an outsider? It was a dilemma. I could just take the pill and be one of the insiders. I didn’t know how it was like. I’ve always been one of the neutrals. Not popular, but not disliked either. But on the other side, taking this pill may have consequences. I knew my parents wouldn’t like it, and I’ve heard that addicting it a matter of course, even if you just do it once.


“Go, go, go!” I heard they say. I could see the pill in front of me. It was an ecstasy pill, because it was blue and had a smiley in the top. We have discussed this in class, and the teacher had told a lot of terrible stories related to drugs. It didn’t seem to have effect on any of these peoples around here. Everybody was hallucinating; I could see it at first sight. They were acting so weird, almost making fools of themselves. But it wasn’t their fault. I could also for sure say that I was the only person who had not taken a pill. The palms of my hands were all wet. The room was now quiet, and it was then it happened. I took the pill, almost threw it through my throat. Everybody was cheering. “You’re a dare-devil!” I could hear them scream. But I didn’t feel anything. It was like nothing happened. I thought.


After a few minutes I felt a little strange. Not sickness or anything bad. But excitement and joy. I wasn’t longer a neutral person, I was one of the insiders. People talked to me, and I was so glad. Finally people liked me. I was in heaven. Not only in my mind, but I felt that I was floating in an endless sea. In front of me, I could see the most beautiful and fantastic things that I never thought were real. Flowers with every colours, and the sunrise. It was so wonderful.


I can’t remember much after that. But I can tell that people started shouting and screaming as I slowly fell down to the earth from my first tour in the air as a bird. When I woke up, I could hear a crying woman. It was so familiar. I opened my eyes, and realized that I was at the hospital. The crying woman was my mother.


That’s my story. It happened for many years ago. But I can remember everything like it was yesterday. Many people say that drugs aren’t dangerous if you just try it once. But I can for sure tell you that it is not true. Not at all. Because from the very first moment I took that pill, I was from being a normal person to be a “dope addict”. It means that I can’t live without drugs. All my days are the same. I have no future anymore. A pill is enough for me to survive. The doctor tells me that I’ll be just fine. I hope so. My only wish is to become clean and be a normal person again, like it used to be.

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