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The root of evil

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- It is really worth the risk! I promise. Many people have done this. It is a safe and quick way to get money! I have done it! And I am still doing it.

- I have done it before, but it did not lead to something good. It was leading to something evil. Go away from my house. And do not come back. You have destroyed my life before.


And then he left. Just like that.

Out of Pete’s house.

Out of Pete’s city.

Out of Pete’s life.

For good.


And than, just like a newborn baby, Pete was looking at the world with another sight. Everything had been different now.

He was free.

He had been a new person.

He could do whatever he wanted.

So he started with a cold coke from the freezer. He turned on some music. An old song he had not listened to for many years played.

He realized that he had not listened to music since that day.


He had not lived since that day.

He had been dead.

Dead in his head.

It had only been the body who hade been alive.

He was really like a newborn baby!


He danced to the music; he was swinging around in the living room. Like a child. Like a happy child. He was smiling and laughing. The music filed his body with happiness.

He danced with the coke in one hand and directing the music with the other.


But then he muds some coke, and he realized that he did not have a mother to clean up this.

He had to sit down. Now he was not smiling.

The child had no mother.

The child was alone.


He had been alone since that day. Since that horrible day, who destroy his life. It was not the day who had destroyed his life. It was him who had destroyed the day, and all the next days for many years. It is strange how one mistake; one little risk can be a big.

The man had talked with him so gently.  

Like a mother to a child.

And Pete had listened.

He had thought of it for a long time before he finally had decided if he was going to do it or not.


The whole life Pete had been a sure man. He had always said that money was the root to all kinds of evil. It stood in the Bible. And Pete was living by the Bible.

Or, he had lived by it.

Before that day.


The man had persuaded Pete to sign the paper.

A little piece of dead wood.

A little piece of paper that had changed many lives.


But if you are looking at it from another angel, was it the crowd after more money that had changed his life.

The crowd to bee like Scrooge Mcduck and take a bath in money.

To use money to whatever he ever wanted.


But money is doing something with people. Even if they don’t want it to.

The love of money is taking the child away from the mother.

The love of money is accentuating the evil in a person.

The love of money is making a nice person to an evil.

The love of money is making people greedy.

The love of money is a root to all kinds of evil.

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