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A changed life

Historie om en jente i vanskeligheter som får et nytt og bedre liv.

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Hi. I am going to tell you the story about how my life changed. My name is Alice, I am 15 year old girl, and I have a sad and unhappy life. I am skinny, and not very tall. I have a big problem in my life, I have not got any friends. I used to have a friend once, but her family moved to Wales or Ireland, I can not excatly remeber. We used to play funny games an do cool stuff togheter. But that is a long time ago, 3-4 years i think. After that, a have not had a joyful life. I really miss a friend, I could need a few when I am being bullied on the school. I go to school of course, in Birmingham where we live. It is not really bullying it is more that I am outside of the gang, I am not hanging with the cool people, if you understand. There is not only one or two people who is holding me outside me, it is almost the whole class.


The worst thing I know is when someone walks past me and laugh, especially if it is more than just one person, and then the look at me and giggle. I hate giggling, it always means trouble to me. Sometimes I get tears in my eyes. But the thing is that i do not know why they are bully at all, I am not ugly, fat, a nerd or something, I am just a totally normal teenage girl; without no friends. It is a kind of lonley, but I can always survive. I think the grown ups is stupid when they not noticing my situation. Especially the teachers, sitting in class or walking i the schoolyard without to say or do anything. I suppose they are just afraid to get in to a case they just can not handle. And if you try to talk with them it is just stupid and short answers. My parents are not that way, they always ask a lot about the school, my friends and other things. I just tell them that I have plenty of friends I am hanging out with. The fact is that I am hanging out alone. I don’t want to tell my parents, they will not understand it at all. But I am feeling a little misserable about that. Well, then you know a few things about me.

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