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Three hearts

Kjæresten til Alice dør etter en stund i koma av et bilkræsj. Alice tar selvmord litt etter.

Karakter: 5 (10. klasse)

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Today it’s Alice and Theodore’s two years-anniversary. They are going out for dinner and a movie. Theodore comes over to her in his car at 7 p.m. When Alice comes out the front door she wears the most beautiful dress Theodore has ever seen, and he gets a good and warm feeling inside. He drives them to a restaurant called Romeo and Juliet. It’s the most romantic place in town, and they have been there many times. They order their food and sits talking about everything and nothing at the same time. Finally the food arrives, and it tastes delicious, the lights are turned down and the music is romantic. After desert, a big banana split, they start talking about the past year. How nice it has been, and so much fun they have had.


At 9 p.m. Theodore gets the car and drives down to the cinema. The movie they are going to see is a new one with Tom Cruise. It’s a romantic film with a slice of action in it. Popcorn and drinks is a “must have” at the cinema, so Theodore buys the snacks while Alice finds the tickets. Theodore holds her hand and kiss Alice in the dark. The movie is wonderful, and Alice gets tears in her eyes when Tom Cruise dies trying to save his girlfriend. On the way home Theodore an Alice talks about the film. When they arrives at Alice’s house he holds her, and they makes out in the car before she has to go inside. She must get up early the next morning to go to work. But in Theodore’s dreams she isn’t going to work, but home with him so they can spend the night together.


Later that night Alice gets a phone from the local hospital and a doctor tells her that her boyfriend has been in a car accident on the way home. A drunk driver had driven over on the wrong side of the road and hit Theodore’s car front to front. The drunk driver is ok, but Theodore is in a coma. Alice cries, she is scared. That night she doesn’t sleep much.


The next morning she gives a shit about school and runs to the hospital instead. Theodore is just lying there. It looks like he is sleeping. The doctor tells her everything. It’s only a fifty-fifty chance that he is going to wake up. Alice spends the whole day at the hospital. She talks to Theodore about how much she will miss him if he doesn’t wake up. And she cries a lot. Warm, salt tears runs over her cheeks, down on her chin and lands on the floor. Late that night a nurse tells her that she has to go home and get some rest. Alice picks up her stuff and walks home.


Her parents and Alice stays up all night talking. They tell her that she’s got be strong and have faith in Theodore. She must believe that he will wake up, and everything will be just like it used to be. Alice feels better after having the talk and she almost believe that everything is going to be just like it used to. But at the same time she is scared, scared that Theodore will die from her.


It has been two months now since Theodore died. Alice hasn’t eaten or slept properly since the day she got the dreadful phone. She has no idea of how to get back to normal. Her life contains crying, thinking and being alone. She can sit in her room all by herself for several days without food or sleep. She feels exhausted. Her parents are really worried about her. Alice is tiered, so tiered of everything.


One day, a Wednesday in the middle of May, Alice is just too sick of her life. Her friends from before Theodore’s death can’t recognize her. She is different; she’s nothing of what she used to be. That Wednesday Alice killed herself. Her parents found her in her room strangled in a rope from the roof. They also found a note on her bed that said: “I’m sorry that this happened, but I couldn’t take it anymore. The looks from people at school, my heart is broken. The loss is too big. My heart can never be fixed again. All because one guy had too much to drink before he went out in his car. Why do people do that? On heart stopped beating, one heart was broken, and one heart got away from it. When you loose the person you love the most, life is not worth living.”

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