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Life on a boat

Immigranter på vei til USA. Litt om livet deres på båten.

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People are crowding, waiting to enter the ship. Jack stands besides his mother and his two sisters, Sophie and Juliet. “Why can’t we go on board?” he asks them. And about two minutes later a man yells, “everybody in first class, please go on board!” Jack’s mother has saved money for a very long time, and managed to get first class tickets. They are going to The United States of America. There their new and better life can begin.


On the boat they get their own cabin with four beds. It’s small, but better than nothing. Jack and his two sisters pick their beds and their mother starts packing out. As the ship starts the engine and moves away from land, jack is standing in the window waving good-bye to his old life, and welcoming to a whole new beginning.


After a week Jack, Sophie and Juliet are friends with the neighbors, Agatha and Tom. They spend the days playing cards or talking about America. Jack complains about the ship going too slow. Only 3 weeks left! Tom wants to make the ocean smaller. The others think it’s impossible.


One afternoon black clouds begin gathering in the sky just in front of the ship. In a couple of hours they’re in the middle of a wet, dark and big storm. The passengers are told to keep inside their rooms. Both Sophie and Juliet are sea-sick and throw up out the window. Jack is beginning to feel the waves too. The whole family is wondering when the storm is going to end. Soon they hope.


Two days later the storm is finally beginning to calm down and move on. The passengers haven’t eaten since it started because it was impossible to serve any food while the ship was in the storm. So now they are starving. But finally the food is served.


Now there is only three days left before they are in America. Jack and Tom can’t wait to finally get there. The past days weeks have been full of card-playing, looking out the window and talking. Jack kind of misses his old friends from England, but hopes that it won’t be too hard to fine some new ones in America.


Today is the last day. It’s about four hours before they can see the statue of liberty, and call themselves immigrants. Jack can hardly wait. Four hours has never taken so long like it does now. After three and a half hours Jack is almost dying. Only 30 minutes left! Soon his new life can begin. When the lady of liberty shows herself in the horizon and The United States of America is right in front of them, the whole ship is one, big smile. The passengers are cheering and singing. They have finally made it to America!

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