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Love and tears

En historie om å bli sviktet.

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I'm running out of the door. It's as dark outside as inside of me. Life could not be harder. Could not be harder than now.


How could Eric do this to me? He was like the nicest and most beautiful boy I knew. He was only mine, until today. He stood there ith her.. How could he do it? I'm so disappointed and sad, it hurts so much.


I'm running. Running into the forest. I've never been here alone, but now I'm here. It has all turned black for me, I can't see anything but what happened. It was him and her, it was them! I didn't stop running until I came to a lake, deep inside the forest.


I'm sitting down here. Watching birds. All I can think about is them. I can still see them, stand there, kissing and hugging each other. It was not just a girl. It was my best friend. I can't believe it. The tears are falling down. Why did they do such a thing? This day started so nice, with the sun shining and the blue sky, but everything stopped when I saw them kissing.


-Kissing, I repeated to myself loud. I said it so loud that the birds got scared. -You are lucky. You can just spread your wings and fly away, far, far away, I'm thinking.


Alone I'm sitting there, with all my memories. All the bad memories that I hope I'll forget, but never will.


The tears are falling like a river. Suddenly I'm not alone about crying. The sky cries along with me. This is just not my day. I can hear the thunder far away, and I can see the lightning around me. My long curly hair is now wet and it sticks into my back. All my books are wet now, that's for sure.


I'm crying in the rain. Tears and rain. I have nothing to live for. It all happened so fast. If you'd ask me for one hour ago, I would be happy, and I would have many things to live for, but now, I can't see anything. They both had disappointed me. I would never forgive. Now it's enough.


I rise and I feel wet all through my clothes. I still cry. I wonder how many tears had fallen down on my cheeks. It was many of them. The lake looks nice and calm. I think about those five months we had together. We did never fight. Everything was perfect. I guess Eric was tired, and so am I now.


I walk down to the lake, with shaking legs and arms. I'm thinking of the good memories. Christmas, Summer holidays, winter. Mom and dad were great. But it did not help. It's dark and I can see myself in the water. I start to walk down into the water. It's nice and warm. This is my place. This is where I want to be.


The water is up to my neck now.

-My name is Dana, and I have nothing more. Nothing more, I say to myself.


My legs are tired and it's only my head again. Everything's got an end.


At the second I let go, I can hear voices calling my name.. But they are too late, too late to do anything.

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