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The scream

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She ran into her mother’s arms, and she cried like the whole world had fallen apart. How could this happen she thought. Everything did not matter anymore. The whole world was just a black hole with no light in the end. She wanted to run away and never come back. How can people be so cruel she went on thinking. What could she have ever done do deserve this kind of treatment. She went on crying and tried to thing of a solution, but really she knew that this was the last day of her life….


“Mary, Mary! Stop! What’s the matter?” Her Mother screamed. “I have never in my whole life seen you like this. You’re scaring me. So tell me, what is going on?”

“I can’t say….” She sobbed. “ I really can’t say”


Mary took a quick peep around the room, and then she ran for her life. She didn’t know why, but something told her that she had to run. She didn’t know where. Up the hills, around the water and up in the woods she ran. Then she started to walk slower and to breathe normally. A front of her was a stone. She sat there for a while, and when she turned around and wanted to continue she saw someone right in the eye.

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