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The football flirt

Triksing med og uten ball.

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I looked careful at him. His brown hair fluted so nice when he ran in the direction of the football ground. It was in the middle of the break, and he always used to play football. I used to watch; usually I sat with my friend, Lotte. But today she was sick. She had a vigorous influenza, and had to be in bed, so here I was, on the bench in front of all the football players. The sun was beaming a just about every student for 8. Grade was out playing ball.


He was one of the best players, and just after 2 minutes he scored. Marius was his name. He was tall too, taller than me. And he was so hansom. Not like “popular-hansom” but more like “brave-hansom”. I had never talked to him, but I was in love with him anyway. I did not know if he was god at school, or if he was a clown, because he was a senior. It wasn’t because I was shy; I just… did not have the courage. I talked to everyone else, but not him.

(………..) Now he scored his second goal.

- YEAH!!! THAT’S THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I jelled and clapped. All the boys stopped and saw at me.

- Did you think it was good? He asked.

Can you believe that… He talked to me… He seemed taller than before.

- (….) Yeah…. I said and I blushed, and Marius smiled.

- Do you play football? Some gay asked.

I nodded, and all the boys wanted me to play with them.

- Yes, I play football, but I’m not any god. I said and looked on the ground.

- Come on! They started. It would be cool if a girl wanted to join us. We can see how god you’re in (triksing)

(Triksing) well, that is not casually me strongest side.  But I went for it. Who could it hurt anyway? We stood in a circle and the ball went on turn. Some of the boys managed hundred while someone only managed ten. Ole managed one hundred and fifty. And then it was my turn, I took the ball and started. After a while a was all worn out, hot and sweaty. I hoped that Marius did not smell any sweat coming from me. That would be tragic, and that was not what was suppose to happened…


The boys started do clap and that was when I realize what I managed one hundred and twenty fore!!!! All the boys seemed impressed.

- You are really god at football, Marius said and took his sweater off. And then he continued; I don’t know if you want, but if you wanted to come home with me after school, I would be happy. And then we could (trikse), do homework or something.

- Yea, I said, that sounds fun. I’ll meet you by the bikes after school. Bye, I said and I went to class. The class was so much more fun now; thinking that I was going to com with Marius, the gay I was in love with, home.


Next day:

Marius and I walked hand by hand to school. (triksing) was not the only thing we had been doing at his place…

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