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The Milkman

Den handler om melkemannen som ingen har sett.

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Every morning at 7 O`clock the milk-man brought my whole neighbourhood milk. Everyone knew this, but nobody had ever seen the milk-man. In the street where i live, the kids have been up looking for the milk-man every morning for over a week. But they haven`t seen him. They say if they turn their backs to a door for 5 seconds the milk is there, standing on their door steps.
One night my neighbour kids had hanged up a videocamera over their door, when they looked at the tape next morning they just saw a hand with a spraybox spraying their videeocamera with black car-lack.
This was the kids` first track. After school that day they walked around to all the lokal supermarkets and the youngest of them,little Karl always had to go ask if anyone had bought some black car-lack, but the big tall guy laughed and said that a lot of people bought their lack and they had no control on what their names were.

The 4 Harverson-kids understood that they had to use this weekend to spy on  the milk-man, anyway all their friends were working. And Peter Harverson said none of his kids where allowed to take an official job before they where 18years old. Even his oldest kid Mark (17) was not allowed. That Saturday the two youngest kids saw the milk-man run away after he had put his last bottle on place. He had blue jeans and a sweater witha hood. They had tried to ran after him but he was to fast. The guy was around 1.8meters and ran very fast. So the kids started walking home in the morning-sun, it was cold and it couldn`t be many weeks to the first snow would come. When they came home and started telling Sam(15) about this he started stuttering like he always does when he gets nervous, but when they told him that they didn`t see his face he stopped.

One morning in november I saw the milk-man, he went over to the Hareverson house wiped a bottle of milk out of his pocket placed it on their door-step. He started moving over to my house, he had a big hat so i couldn`t see his face  from my window. I went out and opened my door, and there he stood the oldest Harverson boy, Mark. I said to him “ i wont tell anyone ” he smiled and started walking away.

Now i am 93 years old, it is 15 years ago now. But from that year he started sending me Christmas-cards. That year I got my first Christmas-card, so this secret will I take with me to my grave.

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