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Profession: Spy

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My name is Atomoko Kirasha, I’m a Ninja, specialized in assassination and spying, I live in Japan, the weapons I use in my missions is Shuriken (Throwing star), Sakabatou (a sword with the sharp side the wrong way) I use Sakabatou because with that type of sword can I use my sword technique without killing people (the technique is called: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu).

Another weapon I use is Kunai (a type of throwing star, but it has only one sharp edge, and has handle).


A sword can only kill one at a time,

but the technique can kill thousands.


I’m going to tell you one of my missions. I was assigned the mission to kill the leader of a criminal clan;


I was sitting home in my favorite chair eating dinner when somebody knocks on my door. When I opened the door, 3 ninja’s jumps inside and  investigate my whole house for traps.

When they are done, the leader of the clan enters my house. In old Japan they were not “nations”, but clans like the “Mandarin clan”.


“I hear nothing but good things about you, but I have a mission I’m sure will be the hardest and most challenging you ever have had, do you want to know more about the mission?” he said.

“Of course, I never say no to a mission, neither hard ones nor easy ones. How can you be sure this is my hardest mission?” I said.

“Because you now shall kill the leader of the so-called “Blood-clan”, they are nothing but fools and idiots. Where they rule, there are no rules or laws, and anybody can do whatever he wants. So I want you to put an end to this”.


“Well, now you have answered one of my questions, here are a few new ones: how shall I even get close enough to throw a Shuriken against him? And where shall I do it? Is there any thing I should be really careful about?”


“First answer: he shall have a party and you are invited.

Second answer: At he’s castle on the other side of Japan, but we shall have a caravan ready for you, if you return.


Last answer: Only to hit him so that you are sure he dies, not only paralyzed or unconscious”.


“Hmmm… okay, then I take the mission, but I could need some new weapons, my weapons is not even sharp anymore. So if you could get me some new weapons, you can count on me”.

“Which weapons do you need?”

“I need 7 Shurikens, one Sakabatou, and 7 Kunai’s, my fighting clothes and light armor is still working.”

“We will give you new clothing and armor, so that we are surer that you will survive this mission.”


“Hmmm okay, but how long will it take before I get my weapons and clothes and when does the party start?”

“The party starts in about two weeks, and your weapons will be here in 2-3 days, any more questions?”


“Yes, can the weapons be forged by my friend Kishiro Kashin?”

“Yes, where does he live? And is it really necessary?”

“Yes, he makes the weapons I like best, I don’t know of any other blacksmith as good as him.”

“Okay, if he really is that good, I think I will make him forge a new Katana (the most used sword, used by both ninja’s and samurai’s) to me. I broke mine in my last training; the only positive thing is that I broke the defender’s sword at the same time”, the leader said.


2½ days later, the weapons and clothes arrived. Atomoko studied the equipment before making the decision of using them in this mission or not.


On the way to the palace, I met a very pretty lady called Kouru. I felt in love, but I tried to hide it from her. When I entered the palace I found out that it is not a party, but a funeral. To my surprise it was the evil leader himself that had died; I was told that the leader was assassinated the day before. So I went to the caravan waiting for me.


When I got home, my leader personally welcomed me. I kneeled in front of him, but he said “You don’t have to kneel, you are now a hero to our people”, the leader said. Then he clapped twice, and then 3 slaves entered with gold and jewels.


With a wagon full of treasures, he went back to see Kouru. Then he came to her, they decided to live an easy life together on a small farm, no more blood or weapons.


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