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Man, machine and work

Engelskoppgave skrevet på grunnkurs om USAs arbeidshistorie.

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As the time has changed, industries has changed as well. Mostly in all industries machines has taken over the work, and people only have to watch them, and repair them as they break down. What has happened these recent years, from 1775 until today 2005? Let’s look at the changes in the USA, one the worlds leading industrial countries.


First, at the time of the American Revolution 95 percent of the population were farmers. That made the US the biggest agricultural country that time. The US also har plainful natural recourses on their continent.  The new immigrants settled and builded themselves houses and farms. They made small villages, and helped each other. As the land gave less food, they joined two or three farms and got bigger. At this point, they had a lot of land, and needed help to keep on with their growings. They also had a lot of animals, like cows and sheep.  The farmers paid people to help them out with the work, and later they used animals for help, like horses and donkeys.

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