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Du er her: Skole > Pollution - What can we do?

Pollution - What can we do?

En stil om forurensning og hva man kan gjøre for å kutte ned på forurensningen.

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Everyday we can read about our earth and how pollution affects it. Our environment shows us many different signs from pollution. Like that some animals no longer exists, some plants have hard time to live, and new diseases are attacking humans. These are just a few of the signs we can learn about reading books, magazines or newspapers.


So what can we do to cut down on pollution of soil air and water? Well, if we just stop for a moment and think, there are actually lots of things we can do. Both governments, companies and ordinary people, like you and me.


Lets start in our own houses. The first thing we can do is to start sorting recyclable rubbish according to their source materials. For instance: put paper in a basket, glass in a plastic container, empty bottles and soda cans in an other basket, food scraps in a paper bag (wet paper can also be thrown here). All the other rubbish, such as plastic, styrofoam, paper with plastic on it, silver paper and all that stuff in a plastic bag that is put into for instance a plastic container. Used batteries both non-chargeable and chargeable we give back to those who sell it. They must, given by law, deliver them to recycling. The same goes for all types of used and broken electrical products. Light bulbs are one of the small products that we can recycle. Washing machines and refrigerators are some of the large products. The store that sells these has to collect the items and send it away for recycling. We can also give these types of things to the local recycling station, if your community have one. From there it will be sent to a “factory” where they disassemble the electrical products into pieces that can be recycled, such as plastic and metal. If there are some parts that can’t be recycled, they will be disposed of properly. Then we can move on to the use of chemicals. We can begin using less soap in the dishwasher and when we wash by hands. Use less chlorine when we clean the toilet and less soap in the washing machine. And one thing that most people forget or they don’t think over, but people always throw garbage in the nature. This is something we have to stop doing! That is one of the most vital things we people need to change to help the environment. So the next time you have bought a chocolate and eaten it and can’t find a garbage can nearby, DON’T throw the chocolate paper on the ground! Instead put it in your pocket and throw it in a garbage can the next time you see one. Another thing you can do is to start using your bike to the job instead of the car or take the buss, if it is possible. Or you can start carpooling with the neighbour the work.

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