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Birds always chatter

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Alongside a heavily trafficked road, inside an enormous building lies a small, dilapedated apartment. Outside the sun shines and birds chatter high up in the trees. Inside desperation and unhappiness rule. For almost four years Ava Johnson has worked and lived in this apartment in New York. Four four long demotivating years she has struggled for her lifelong dream; to become an actress. Now she is broke, without hope and completely destroyed by the the American community and relations. All she manages to do, is to sit and think about her shattered dreams and hopes. Suddenly one bird flies into her apartment and lands singing and chattering on her shoulder. It reminds her of when she first moved to New York, when she first heard the birds sing, when she still had hope and dreams.


It was a rainy day in May. Ava, who had travelled by boat, felt sore and tired from the journey she had covered. As she stepped ashore she saw the Statue of Liberty and realized that she had entered America, the land of oppurtunities. She could picture it already. Ava Johnson, star of America, eight nominees for Oscars, tons of fans worldwide, and the most handsome husband she could ever want. Well, she knew it would take a lot of hard work, but she was convinced that she had the willingness to struggle to achieve succes.


After a week Ava had a nice apartment alongside a heavily trafficked road, inside an enormous building. She was working as a secretary, the salory wasn’t great, but she managed. Ava had perseverance. Each day after work she brought her photo and an enclosure of her acting-studies on an audtion for a play or a movie. And each day she went home with a refusal and ended up crying and discouraged. The fury she felt could’nt be described. She puzzled with the question of why nobody saw the talent she possessed. It tormented her, eating its way inside of her, driving her mad. Yet she could’nt give up, she knew it was of vital importance that she succeded. The rent was due the first of every month, and she wa behind with one month’s rent already. Ava didn't know what to do, and when her boss fired her for being late at the firm, she started to thing that the world worked against her.


Now she relied on getting a part or a role in a play. Therefore, Ava made an important effort that day. She practically demanded a part in the play “Cats” and did her best at the audition. As a matter of fact, the director loved her, and instantly gave her a part. Finally Ava felt that life was threating her good again. Imagine! A part in a play, this was Ava’s big chance. She practised day and night, devoting her whole time and effort making her part look the best. She hardly ate or drank and she did’nt sleep. In the end came he decisive day. The first performance. Ava was nervous. She walked with rhytmical paces to the theatre. Her phone rang. With a stuffy feeling she answered, and without thinking crossed the street to the theatre. Within a glimpse of time Ava realized that she was going to be knocked down by a car. Moments later she could’nt feel her legs. She woke up the next day in a hospital screaming that this was’nt happening. Shouting and screaming like a person with mental disorder, Ava could’nt belive what had occurred.


After the accident Ava lost all the hope she ever had. Still she could not feel her legs. When the compulsory month in the hospital was over Ava returned to her apartment. There she found a message from the director of “Cats” saying she was no longer wanted on the stage. As ava read this, her mind ran into an unfathomable hole of depression and sadness. Her soul was never to come back.


There are thousands of examples of people that do not achieve success. They all share the same, sad history that people never hear about.


Meanwhile, the birds still chatter high, high up in the trees.

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