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I will forever be your friend

Om vennskap.

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1) I can be difficult to be with sometimes,

angry, arrogant or even strange.

It will be thoughts and feelings I can`t sort out

or do something about.

But if I can be your friend, I promise changes.


2) Later, you can regret and think what you did wrong,

but to ask for forgiveness and do so,

seems to be more than just a action.

It cost much; demand a lot of courage

and strengths and a good heart.



I will forever be your friend,

if I can be myself,

but always can change me to better.

Because it is no excuse or meaning,

to be a selfish and stupid human being.



Whatever you do or say,

it will always affect and influence

whether its night or day.


3) When things or people seems unsolved,

is it important to have friends and familiy.

They will help, support and encourage as best as they can.

Like them, I will be here for you

and do what it takes to make you feel better.



You are so special and kind,

and wherever I am,

I will always have you in my thoughts

and remind how good you are.

Thank you for being my friend.


4) It is no exact, good recipe of friendship,

or any particular reason why people get friends.

 But I will always promise you this,

that I will be kind and thoughtful from now on

and give what you need.



Cause you means much to me,

there is so much to say and do,

but we cant`t reach everything.

I will be here for you.

And forever love you.

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