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The devil and God

Et liten historie på diktform.

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I woke up this beautiful day,

In the warm of my bed I laid.

My eyes was awake and rested

No meaningless thoughts in my head.

I dressed myself up,

But my heart was screaming stop!

“Look it said” look at your shoulder,

and I felt so much colder.

On my shoulder it was a big scar,

And I thought so far,

Why am I having this? Am I going mad?!

But something inside of me was very sad.

I don’t know what it was, but it was so far away,

Longer then this realness day.

I went deep inside of me,

But things I wish, was not to be.

Deep deep inside,

I was a black bride,

Nothing happiness was in my life,

I stabbed my husband with a knife.

The colour red was everywhere,

And in my eyes, I saw I didn’t care.

Dark blood was all around,

So much silent, except one sound,

The sound of evilness in my soul,

Nothing warm, just sadness cold.

I felt so much pain

I thought I was insane.


And all I felt was “God I`m nice”,

But the sun of blood will soon arise,

Devils and angels will fight,

So long, there’ll be no light.

Sword of Lucifer will fling,

Sweet, tiny little devils will sing.

“We won, we won,

God is gone”

The new world has begun,

No more light from the sun.

So long mankind had lived,

Now everything going to be destroyed and killed.


Al last I heard a laugher of Lucifer’s men,

But I`m not giving up, I will stand,

No more thoughts about them, never more,

Cuss deep inside, for them – I`m very soar.

I know that everything of this is nonsense,

I`m just making it up, to have a chance,

Of living this life,

Without trying the knife.

The blade is deadly near,

So much that I don’t care,

About how life meeting death,

And how slowly it takes your breath.


The devil is inside you, want to get out,

And everything you want is shout!

Devil and God is just the same with me,

God keeps Lucifer’s inside and God got the key.

But the devil is strong, and wants to get free,

To saying it right – his doing it trough me.

Like God trying to keep me away from the blade,

And Lucifer wants me to slowly fade.

I don’t know what to do now,

Can’t stand up and be proud.

My arms are covered by scars,

Their scratched in like stars,

Cuss their so beautiful, so far away,

Nothing like this fuckings day.

I`m so tired and sick of all this shit,

Thinking everyday, will the blade fit?

I never did get me a life,

Yes, that’s right, it’s to close – the knife…

Just a cut and everything’s gone

No more tired of being alone…

It’s not so easy – to let it go,

But life sucks, so let it flow.

I know Lucifer going to win,

God – you can’t control my sin!

Now you just lost a soul too,

To bad really – for you.

Cuss we are not so few.

God – give up, you lost the key,

Very shore man, the devil in me.


Many lives going to stop,

Just because the world you fucked up.

I was stupid – I believed in you

But that was wrong of me to do.

Yes God! Fuck you too!

The blade is to near,

Finally I can see clear

No more sorrow, no more lies,

No more “dear God, I am nice”

Tears and pain, just scratched away,

No more light in the summer day,

Good by, all fuckings life

I will take the knife…

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