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The fruit land

En litt annerledes fortelling.

Karakter: 5 (8. klasse)

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The wardrobe

One day I was up in the attic and i went into this old wardrobe with big winter clothes and coats. Suddenly I came out on the other side and you won’t belive what I saw:

I saw a land with gigantic fruits and flowers.

After some time i saw a big tomato with windows and a door.

I pushed on the door bell. And a dwarf came out.

He looked very shy, but he talked English and he asked me to come in.

Inside there was a big living room, the dwarf said: Sit down, my friend.

He walked into the kitchen and he came out with gigantic blueberries with sugar.


The talk

I said that my name is Tom and I asked for his name.

He said my name is Gyl Seffel.

He asked me why are you so big, you are bigger then the strawberries.

I said that i came from England and i also said that i never had seen such big fruits before.

He said where is England?

We are on Tui, Tui? Said I.

Yes all the dwarfs pride, but I just walked in the wardrobe and found myself here in Tui,said Tom.

Oh you are magic said Gyl. No i’m just a little boy from Birmingham in England Gyl can you try to understand?

It’s hard to belive you, but let go Tui is not a big planet Tom. The population of Tui is nothing more than 6 millon dwarfs.


The wardrobe

After some time we decided to take a walk.

We walked around in the forrest when i suddenly saw the wardrobe that I had walked into.

I said i guess I have to go home to England.

Gyl said come and visit me some time and bring with some mini strawberries to me.

I walked in to the wardrobe and came out on the attic.

This was huge I said to myself when i walked down to the stairs, but this is my secret.

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