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Du er her: Skole > Great pain, No Scream!

Great pain, No Scream!

Trist historie om Mona.

Karakter: 6- (10. klasse)

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-Mona! Mona! Mona! I’m ready for my cup of tea! Mr. Whistler was strolling around his manor, furiously, screaming and shouting for his maid. Where about could that useless girl be? He walked out to the creepy stable boy, while thinking about a suitable way to punish her horrible behavior. It was most unlike her, doing things like these. She used to be so polite, and always on time. Always there to satisfy his needs! Mr. Whistler thought gloomily about how dull his life would be without her.

-Find Mona, Jacob. Mr. Whistler said calmly to the frightened stable boy. He had already tasted his master furious out breaks, and knew when not to argue. His bare foots carried him trough the filthy stable, into the smelly cowshed where he found her, wiping her eyes out in a corner of the cold concrete floor. Quietly, her hands crossed her waist. Over the last couple of weeks, her pure white dress had tightened up. Strong emotion appeared in Jacob’s stomach, and found there way up to his heart. The sweet, innocent girl he used to share smiles and laughter with, a girl he deeply admire and secretly loved was now lying on the floor, mooning in grief. It broke his heart to see her like this, but he knew he had to pass the message. Both of his knees collapsed, he fell down on side of her, holding her thigh, trying to comfort all her sorrows. His heart knew no one could.

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