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"Quirky Tails" (P. Jennings)

Handling, fakta ol. fra boka "Quirky tails" av Paul Jennings

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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This book is a book with many “quirky tails” in it. The stories are funny, mysterious and scary at the same time. Two of the stories in Paul Jennings “quirky tails” is:


Unhappily ever after

The little school boy Albert Jenkins is hated by the headmaster on the school. In fact, the headmaster Brown hates all the children on the school.


One day, Albert is been called op to browns office. He comes upstairs and Mr. Brown has as usual found a way to knock down on Albert. When Albert have heard what Brown had to say he walked out again and continue playing.


Mr. Brown thinks that it would be nice with a trip out on the lake with his boat, to get away from all the children. When he gets a little way out on the lake, he gets pulled down in a water stream. He blacks out and after a few minutes he wakes up and he don’t know where he is. After a while in the stranger place he begins to think about why and how he got there. He realize after a while that the reason why he was caught in the lake, ere that he had been very bad against the children at the school.

The children had done their revenge.


Sneeze ‘n coffin

This tail is about a family were the stepfather Ralph is an undertaker. The daughter in the family; Tracy hates him because he tries to make her work together with him, but she wont.


Tracy thinks its very embarrassing living with an undertaker like Ralph, because he drives around in a hearse. Even to the ski slopes, everybody wonders who is dead, but its just Tracy and her family in their hearse.


Ralph even has dead people at home in the back yard. Tracy is very uncomfortable with dead people in her back yard, so one night she goes out to the coffins in the yard.


All the coffins are in a little house that Ralph made in the yard, once Tracy got into the little house the door closed behind her and it locked. It was completely dark in the little house without any windows. From one of the coffins she heard something moving, she couldn’t get out of the house with a “living dead” thing. She screamed and shouts for a long while until Ralph came, she said “if you just let me out of here I will work for you, just let me out!”.


Ralph locked up the door and came into the little room; the he showed her what it was who made the sounds. It was just a cat. Then Tracy had to work for Ralph any way.


The book


I think the book is a very cool and good book. The stories are good and they are not to difficult to read.


There are not any pictures in the book and the letters are middles big. The book got 140pages.


I recommend this book for both boys and girls in the age of 13-18years because it’s maybe a little too difficult to read for a 12 year old.



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