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Romeo and Juliet

Referat av Romeo og Julie på engelsk.

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Romeo comes to Benvolio (his cousin) and tells him that he is really sad. He loves a woman who doesn’t love him back. Benvolio’s advice is to find another woman. Romeo is afflicted with sorrows, and don’t think he ever will meet a woman who is more beautiful than the woman he loves. The families Montague and Capulet have always been fighting in some ways. They don’t like each other very much. And at a feast at Juliet’s, both of the families are there…


Juliet is 13 years old, and Paris is going to woo her at a feast he’s going to have for her. Romeo is at the feast too. He wants to find a new woman that is more beautiful than the one who doesn’t love him back… When he discovers Juliet, he admits that she is the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. This feast was going to lead to a marriage between Juliet and Paris, but when Juliet is seeing Romeo she is falling in love with him.


Romeo is having a quarrel with Tybalt (Juliet’s cousin), and before he is leaving, he is kissing Juliet. They both feel terrible and sad because they’re falling in love with an enemy of their family. They can’t meat, and are finding other ways to see each other. Romeo sneaks over the wall into Juliet’s garden and to her window.

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