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The hijacker

Om en psykisk skadet fyr som er besatt av sin eks-kjæreste.


I was fighting my way through the office. It was Friday and everybody seemed to be anxious to get home as quick as possible. I reached the elevator just in time, but only because I shouted with all I had, and scared the old poor man out of his senses. The smell of sweat and sweet perfume filled the room, and I couldn’t wait till I was on the plain, flying to my baby in San Francisco.


I looked at my watch and started to sweat a bit; only and hour till the plain left ! I rushed out the door, and almost knocked an old lady of her feet. “Taxi !” There. A young Japanese was driving, and lead us right in in the traffic. – Shit! Only half an hour to go ! The traffic moved slow, and I was almost on my way to get out of the car and walk, when we suddenly, by surprise, got out of the block, and headed of to the airport. -Come on….I handed the man a 50$, witch was way too much, and ran inside. The gate was blinking, `Flight 703 to San Francisco is now closing.´ “NO !” I ran all I had, just to see the door was closed in front of my nose. “ Shit !” I sank down by the wall. The feel of loneliness and anger reached me. “ I couldn’t help noticing that you missed your plain. Where were you headed ?” I looked up at him. He was wearing a suit, and looked like some kind of a stockbroker, “ San Francisco, “ I answered, wondering why he even bothered to ask. “ Oh, San Francisco ? I think it’s your lucky day my friend. You see, I’m also on my way there. -So ? How could that help me ? “ Well…” He looked me straight in my eyes, “ I have a plain of my own, and I was kind of hoping you’d share your company with me. You know, boring travelling alone.


-Was he some kind of a freak, inviting completely strangers into his plain, or would I be the crazy one if I accepted ? I was really longing for my girlfriend, and this would be my last opportunity to see her in weeks. “ Ben. Ben Davis.” I handed out my hand to him and smiled. “ Good, “ he just said. “ Travis Nash here. “ Few minutes later we where in the plain. He took a last check over , and off we where. “Lovely day isn’t it ?” I turned and just nodded. “ Already with your girlfriend, ey ? Ey ?” He pushed me a bit. “ Well….” I got a bit embarrassed. “ Well you shouldn’t ! “ He raised his voice and looked angrily at me. Now this guy really gave me the creeps. What the heck was he talking about ? “ Oh, don’t be so stupid ! Remember back in highschool ?” My brain started working. “ Remember Sarah ? Sarah Goodwill ? She was my girlfriend, or at least till you came and took her away from me ! Do you remember me now ? “ Well…..Oh my God, Your Sarah’s ex-boyfriend, the one who beaten her , and was put in jail for killing a man in a burglary !” My heart started pounding. “ Oh, you make it sound so harsh.” He smiled. “ But they all had it coming to them !”


The plain suddenly lost height, and I couldn’t even scream. I was like nailed to the cheer. “ God damn you !” Travis straightened up the plain again. “ See what you make me do ? My head shivered. “ So, what were we talking about ? Bikes ? Vacations ?..No, you taking off MY girlfriend !” “ Look, I didn’t take her away from no..” “ Don’t you dear calling me no one !” He pulled out a gun. “ No, I didn’t mean it like that..” “ And don’t make any excuses. It only makes you look weak. And by the way, why don’t we let Sarah tell us all about it, hmm ?” “ NO ! You leave Sarah out this, you here me ?” “ You know, the show must have it’s star, otherwise it’s a bad show !” “ You’ve been watching to many movies !” “ Why don’t you go and get her ? She’s in the back.” “ No way. Sarah’s in San Fran..” “…Francisco, right, but not anymore. Take a look in the back if you don’t believe me !” -Should I believe this guy ? Would he shoot me if I went back ? “ Go on. You have nothing to loose. Bring my baby in to me.” In the back there weren’t so much, some boxes, can’s, and if I wasn’t mistaking, there lie a parachute there ! “ Have a look in the biggest box. And hurry !” –Oh my God, he had put Sarah in a box ? I hurried up all I could. The lid was heavy. “ Hmmamm” There she was, all gagged up. “ Sarah !” “ Oh Ben, I thought I’d never see you again.” She threw herself around my neck. “ Oh baby, are you all right ?” “ I’m better now.” She smiled a weak smile to me. “ Hey ! Don’t do anything stupid now. Bring her in to me !” “ There you are babe. Oh it’s been such a long time now. But I never stopped loving you, you know. Come her and give me a kiss will you.” “ Hey, you have no right..” Sarah squeezed my hand. “ Oh shut up !” I had never seen so much hate in a man before. She went over to him, and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. “ There, now everything is all right again baby. You and me, we are destined to be together, and no one, no one is going to keep us a part.” Let her go now, let us talk about it like grownups.” “ Oh will you shut up ! Sarah’s mine !” A deep pain went through me. “ NO !” Sarah screamed. I looked down at my arm, and I saw my white shirt turning all red.

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