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I'll never forget

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I will never forget, the day we met, you shone like a star, like you’ve done every day I’ve seen you so far. Your blue eyes nearly took my breath away, they said more than I ever can say. No words can describe the feelings I feel, had them for so long, so strong and so real. Has always been patient to keep the love upon. You fill me with passion, with love and with pleasure, You’re all for me, my everything, my treasure.


Stuck in the past

If you are stuck in the past, a part of you would die for each passing day, therefor i frightening the love fades away. Cause if you ever let me down, in the end I would drown, my mouth would be shut, but my heart would be screaming. If Iever would loose you, it would never be the same again, cause you made that decision to not be my friend, so if youwill ever stop loving me, there it would end. It crosses my mind every night in my dreams, maybe it’s more than you get to see, somethings are never what they seems to be.


I need you to need me

First time you kissed me, the wind was all I heard, a lightening through my body, like the trembling heart of a captive bird, and everytime you hold me tight, the most increadable feeling you ever can find, when I feel your heart beat close to mine. I need you to need me like the air you breathe, I need you to understand me, and look underneath. I need you to miss me, to want me and kiss me, I need you to need me to live and to be.

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