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Fakta om diverse ting i Australia.

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Inhabitants: 18 mill.

Area: 7700000km2.

State form: parliament monarchy in the British Commonwealth.

Monetary unit: 1 Australian Dollar = 100 Cent.

Religion: Christianity

Main export:  Coal, minerals, meat, corn and wool

Capital: Canberra

Biggest Island: Tasmania

Highest mountain: Mount Kosciusko










The Kiwi

Kiwi is an Australian bird that cannot fly. Many kiwis live in Australia’s forests, but people seldom see them. The birds are shy, and they will usually run away when anyone comes near them.


The Koala

Koala is an Australian mammal that looks like a teddy bear. It is sometimes called a koala bear or native bear, but the koala is not related to any kind of bear. Koalas have soft, thick fur, a large, hairless nose, round ears and no tail. The fur is grey or brown on the animal’s back and white on the belly.


The Kangaroo

Kangaroo is a type of furry mammal that hops on its hind legs. Kangaroos are marsupials, mammals that give birth to highly undeveloped offspring. The young kangaroos complete their development in a pouch on the belly of the mother.


The two main types of kangaroos are the red kangaroo and the grey kangaroo. The red kangaroo lives in the deserts and dry grasslands of central Australia. Grey kangaroos are found chiefly in the forests and grasslands of southern and eastern Australia.



Bee Gees

They were superstars in Australia long before they was done with the teen ages. They made the most sold double album of time, “Saturday Night Fever.” They are the Bee Gees, and the music they made through 40 years will be remembered long after their last show. The brothers was born in Manchester but they moved to Australia, Barry was born in 1946, Robin and Maurice in 1949.




Alexander Bennett

Alexander Bennett: From the rugby club Belconnen Magpies. Son of club legend David “Curly” Bennett, 2004 is shaping up as a big year for “Lexi”. Looks to have matured nicely after a full season in the all conquering Development Squad in 2003 and will be pressing for senior selection for round 1.



Australia is the world 6th largest country and lies south for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. On the east side of Australia lays the still ocean. On the west side of Australia lays the Indic ocean. In spite of the size who contains the most lowland with big deserts and few mountains. The highest spot is Mount Kosciusko on 2229 meters. In south east lay big cultivable spots.


Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock is the largest piece of stone in the whole world. It is in one of the big desert areas inland Australia. This rock is a holy place to the Aboriginals.



The Blue Mountains

West of Sydney, you can see the Blue Mountains. The is always drops of eucalyptus oil in the air around the mountains, this makes the mountains look blue.



The Climate

The climate in Australia varies from tropical in north too temperate in south. The land is the worlds driest, and the season is opposite of that we have here in Norway: when we can go skiing her in Norway, they have great bath conditions in Sydney! Since Australia is so big is it hard to say what the average temperature and precipitation for the country.  



English is the language they use in Australia, but it is also some aboriginal languages and a good piece of European, Arabic and Asian languages.






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