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About death...

Et dikt om døden og selvmord.

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I wake up to cloudy skys

A broken heart and teary eyes

My days seem to never end

And my broken soul will never mend


I live in an eternal night

Always alone, no one in sight

I do not see a life ahead

But the fact its there is what I dread


I wish to remain in an eternal dream

Where nothing is what it seems

Where I can see the light above

Where I create a world full of love


For today the world we live in

Is a massacre full of sin

A place I wish not to be

Horrors I wish not to see


As my days are full of rain

I also feel a constant pain

For I am haunted by my past

I remember my first day and my last


My first days when I was sane

And my last as I put the razor to my vein

It was this world I wished to leave

But by my suicide I was deceived


For it was then after

I did not hear the laughter

Nor the heavenly angels, welcoming me

To live in their world where I could fly free


Instead I was cursed with eternal damnation

Where on this earth I see each coming nation

They come and go yet here I stay

For what I've done, I must pay


I am not alive, nor am I dead

And I do not know what lyes ahead

I shall wander this earth alone

For it was my soul, that I disowned.



( I wrote this last night because I wondered...where do you go when you kill yourself? couse in the Quran it says that you don't go to heaven nor do you go to hell yet you live an enternal punishment. but it does not say what that punishment I thought that maybe the punishment was the opposite of you wanted by taking your life… other words by committing suicide you wish to leave this world but instead your damned to it forever…. so yeah I know this an odd poem but I hope you all liked it……any comments will be greatly appreciated )

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