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Du er her: Skole > The story of a girl

The story of a girl

Handler om en jente som må flykte fra sin voldelige ektemann.

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This is the story of a girl

Who travelled across the world

To find the serenity she once lost

When she was fighting off the frost

Deep within her self..


One cold morning in December

A day witch no one else remember

She packed a bag and left for good

The only thing she thought she could


She sneaked on to the morning train

Dripping wet from the freezing rain

Tight to her chest laid a little baby boy

Wrapped in a blue blanket holding his toy


When the train left the station

She felt painful frustration

There was nothing left there for her or her child

In this city which used to be so mild


She had never believed in running away

But the situation didn’t allow her to stay

Risk loosing the only stabile element in her life

Wasn’t possible so she decided to go somewhere safe


As she saw trees and houses passing by

She pondered how she could’ve bought his lie

Such a smart and intelligent girl

Lost in love’s magical twirl


Who she was and what she stood for

Had somehow disappeared from her heart’s core

Maybe it got lost with her virginity

Which he so brutally took as he destroyed her serenity


She had loved him for many years

He returned it by drinking and filling her with fears

Everyday had been a nightmare

And nobody seemed to notice or care


Since she was raised to do what her husband wanted

She never told anyone that their marriage was haunted

Built on violence and deceive

Marital happiness was something they wouldn’t achieve


For her family she could’ve stayed

Avoided her husband and prayed

But after holding her first born

She felt her pulse raise and her heart was torn


So she ran

Away from her man

Never looked back at the past

It would only make the pain last


Don’t judge her for what she did

It was in the best interest of her own kid

If there had been another solution to this

She wouldn’t have ran so quick

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