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Of Mice & Men

Omtale av John Steinbecks bok (film)


The story is about Lennie & George, two men traveling together looking for work. Lennie has the strength of a giant but the mind of a little child. He likes to stoke nice things with his fingers, which he often gets in trouble for. The movie starts with Lennie & George beeing chased by dogs and men. They manage to hide themselves and escape the men. They jump onto a train and head to a new farm, where they are to work. On their way to the farm, they camp down by the river. George tells Lennie if he gets into trouble, he should wait in the trees untill he came.


By the river tells George Lennie about their plans for the future. They’re going to get a little place with a few acres where they shall live. They’ll have a cow and a chicken. And rabbits... Lennie wants to take care of the rabbits, because they’re so nice. They’ll have an alfafa field where Lennie would pick alfafa and feed to the rabbits.


When they arrive at the farm they meet Candy, an old man with just one arm and an old scruffy looking dog. He takes them to the owner, and he sets them to work. They carry corn-bags out on the fields. Lennie lifts the bags without any problem while two normal guys are having a hard time lifting one together! They often encounter the son of the owners wife, she’s always trying to speak to strangers on the farm. But George tells her to mind her own buisness and they don’t want any trouble. One day, the son of the owner, Curley is mad because of his wife. Curley wonders if some of the workers been talking to her. Curley sees Lennie sitting there as always, and he hits him. Curley tries to beat Lennie up but when Lennie counter-attacks he crushes Curley’s boxing hand. George calms Lennie down and tells Curley that his hand got stuck in a machine. And if he sees it the other way, then George is going to tell the owner what really happened. One of the workers on the farm, Slim have some puppies left after his bitch gave birth. Lennie gets to keep one puppy to play with.


One day when the men on the farm are throwing horse shoes, Lennie accidentaly kills his little puppy. After a long time in misery, Curley’s wife appears. She begin talking to Lennie about the puppy. Curley’s wife talks about her life, and how boring it is. Lennie tells about the rabbits and the good times they’ll have at their new farm. Lennie tells her that he likes to stroke nice things with his fingers, and he start stroking her hair. After awhile she tells Lennie to stop, because he’s making it untidy. Lennie won’t stop and the girl start screaming. Lennie gets scared and start shaking her up and down. Suddently she stops moving and falls down to the ground, dead. Lennie runs off into the forest. When she is discovered a manhunt begins, with Curley in the lead. George realize what he’s got to do and goes after Lennie. They meet up down by the river as planned. After George calms Lennie down, he talks to him about the new farm. But when they get to the place about the rabbits, George stands up and shoots Lennie trough the neck. And George moves on, without his partner.

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