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Psycho lions

Dette er en fortelling om en som heter Jack og løveangrep.

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It was a beautiful morning and Jack was on his way to Africa because he had just got a job from his boss, and that job was to build a bridge over a river so that a train could ride over it.


He came over there by train him-self. And the first person he met was a guy named John Anerfield and he was a very poor worker, but a kind one. Anerfield showed Jack around on the train station, he pointed at a guy over the railway and said “that is the guy everybody trusts” the man Anerfield was pointing to saw that they were looking at him. He came walking towards them and said “so you must be the bridge-worker” “yes but who are you?” Jack asked” “ my name is Percuin and I am the leader of the workers that are going to help you build the bridge”. “Has Anerfield shown you around?” Percuin asked kindly “yes” Jack answered.


Well then I can show you around in the village” he said. When they were almost finished with their rout they came to the hospital, Percuin was just about to introduce Jack to the man who owned the hospital when they heard some men just yell. They turned around as quickly as they could; it was a fight between two workers and the rest of the workers just yelled fight, fight, fight, fight over and over again Jack ran over there to stop the fight, but a guy that was standing in the circle came over, kicked him in the balls and yelled “let them stop when they want to stop”. Luckily Jack was wearing a jockstrap so it didn’t hurt very much, but he took the hint.

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