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Meeting the challenges of the future. Industrialization and urbanization have rapidly changed the face of the world we live in. Threats to our enviroment cannot be ignored. On this palent we polut allot. But, the polution can’t just be blamed to the mankind. The animals and the nature polut allot to.


Let’s look at the Ozon-layer. There is a hole in this layer, and this hole is huge. First measurement prooved that the hole is the size of england. But, nature have a secret weapon. The Ozon-layer have started to repair itself, and if we can trust the scientis, the hole will be cone in 10 years time.


MEXICO, one of the most poluted cities in the world(or the one most poluted). Of course, that kind of polutin are because of us, people. But, i preferred to another kind of polution. Let’s take a look at the volcanos. If a active volcano have a breakout, that will polut ass much ass all cars in the world do in a hole year. Isn’t that crazy?


So, I mean that we cant just blame mankind of polution the world, just because we have done many wrong things. Even stupid things like cows polut. Do you relly think that all the crap and stuff that comes from the cow is none polutin??? Then your stupid!!


Still, even if it’s isn’t our fault, we still have to ceal up this planet. We have to start project to slow down the GLOBAL WARMING.


In the future, or not anly in the future we have to find others way to get around in cars then using oil. Soon the oil in the oceans is gone, and we will be stuck with a lot of cars and no oil. It have sucseded the Scientis to produce a car that runs on pure wather. And, the scientis says that they are woorking on a project to make cars that run on air. Just air.


So, in the end i would say: Do not only blame the people of the world. Blame everybody.

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