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Toy soldier

En historie om en gutt som heter Lill Kill som er en gangster i New York.

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In New York for two years ago, there was a little kid that lived in the ghetto. Everyone used to call him Lill Kill, he was a gangster and had to fight and rap to get food on the table so they didn’t starve to death.


One day when he wore out to buy some food some one came by, and suddenly they started to punch and kick him in the stomach and the face so he started to bleed. After they kicked his ass, someone found him and tock him to a hospital.


When he came back home, his mother asked him, “What the hell happened to you?” she asked him frustrated. “Nothing mom! Some gang bangers came and kicked my ass really bad.” He said when some tears trilled down under his eyes.

“Yes I can see that.” After wards she started to wash the wound on the side of his right eye.


A week later he started to build up a big gang, so they could kick the other gang bangers that took and kicked Lill Kill’s ass.


Two days later, after he had putted to getter a gang, they went to fight. Someone even had whit they a gun. So it was going to weary violence!


Then it all started, Lill Kill kicked the asses to many gangsters. He even got his own ass kicked hard. After a half hour Lill Kill’s gang won, then they walked home whit lot of pain, and they wore weary happy.


Some hours later when he got home, he yelled “Mom I’m home.” No one answered.

Then he went up to her room, and there she laid dead whit a knife in her chest. “Noooooooooooo” he screamed so loud that his throat hurt. The tears started to trill down under his eyes.


Ten minutes later his father came from work, and he heard someone crying upstairs, He ran as fast he could. When he came inside the room he got really shocked, he saw Lill Kill laid up on her and crying. “What the heck’s happened here?” The father started to fell a little bit sad because he saw his wife laid there and didn’t move or make a noise. “I don’t know! I just found her laid here whit this knife in her.” He started to cry more after he told his father.


Three days later it was a funeral Lill Kill and his father cried a lot. They was so sad that they could kill they self.


Some few days later a buddy came by and told him that he had found out who killed his mother. He got so angry when he heard who did it, he just felt like he just waned to kill the man who did it at once!


They started to send out a rumour that Big Dog had killed Lill Kill’s mother. Almost every one in town started to look after him, and if some one found him they should kill him.


The days passed by and no one found him. But one day a man with the name Clark said that he knows where he is. Lill Kill got very angry, he jumped in his car and drove there in 60mph. When he came there, Big Dog wore sitting on his cheer and smoking weed. “What the hell are you doing here?” Big Dog said frustrated. “I’m here to kill you!” “Why?” “You killed my mother! “Die you bastard!” he shot Big Dog many times and he died.


Some few days later everything was back to normal. Big Dog wore dead, so his mom was. And he continued whit rap and the gangster life. He even got a job at one pizza bar. And today no one knows where he is or what he is doing…


To be continued…

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