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"The Franchise Affair" (J. Tey)

Bokrapport fra "The Franchise Affair" av Josephine Tey.

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* Title: The Franchise Affair.

* Author: Josephine Tey.

* Kind of novel: Crime novel.


The setting:

In the book it doesn’t really say what time it was. But the book is write as a it was around the 60`s. They had telephones, cars, and travelled by boats.


The story lasts about a month.


The story takes place in England.


The plot:

The story is about Betty Kane who is pretending to have been kidnapped by Marion Sharpe and Mrs. Sharpe. Detective Robert Blair has been hired to find out what really happen to Betty Kane. Robert knows it’s something wrong about the girl’s story, but he have no evidence to prove it. He must find a evidence!

Will he find a evidence sow that he can prove his theory?

Read the book if you want more!


The characters:

The main characters is detective Robert Blair. He lives with his aunt Lin in Milford. He is a tall, hansom man. Every woman think at him as the perfect husband.


Marion Sharpe and her mother, Mrs. Sharpe. They live outside the town of Milford.


Betty Kane, she is fifteen, and she lives with her guardian Mrs. Wynn. Because her parents are dead.


Robert Blair is a very hansom and intelligent man, Marion Sharpe and Mrs. Sharpe are two very kind persons. Betty Kane look like a innocent and sweet little girl, but she is really a bitch.



I didn’t like the book because it was a boring book. No action or fun. And the story wasn’t good. I think. I wouldn’t recommend it for my friend’s. I don’t think I would read some other book’s by this author.

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