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Medical profession

Oppgave på engelsk om historien til legeyrket.

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Medical profession is one of the old professions of the world. In ancient times when somebody got some disease, it was an uphill task to find a proper treatment. Diseases and epidemics spread like a wildfire and thousands of men, women and children died instantly.


However as the time went by some people became herbalists an quack. They sought the treatment of fatal diseases through herbs and some daily used items. Witchcrafting flourished due to superstitions. With arrival of muslims, this profession got new heights and became more scientific and effective. Muslims made many new discoveries. Diseases and epidemics were no more terrible, but there was still room in improvement. When the whole Europe was languishing the darkness, the muslims were enjoining the best period of their civilization.


After the Renaissance there was a revival in the almost all fields of knowledge. Medicine did not remain behind. And the works done by the muslims kept on progressing. However the real change came in the nineteenth century. With the discoveries of antibiotics and penicillin in this field was revolutionized and the number of students considerably increased who opted for medical profession. Hence there was a great demand of it.


Now in this modern age , medical profession is regarded as one if the top professions. With modern technology and new medicines almost all diseases have been tackled with. With surgery and injection many fatal diseases have been controlled. Typhoid , Malaria, Yellow fever are no more terrifying. Even some diseases have almost become obsolete.


Medical profession is humanitarian profession. There is no good service than to serve the suffering, wounded and the sick. Though some selfish joined it for grabbing money, yet there is no lack altruistic fellows.


With the progress in science and technology this profession is becoming more and more technical and scientific. With the introduction of nuclear medicines, and computer in medical field , there is no disease that is out of reach of man. Yet nature has its own plans.


In the end we must keep in the mind that medical field is a noble profession and there must be aim to serve humanity, otherwise this dignified profession will lose its true worth.

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