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Indian Camp

Fortelling om en fødende indianerkvinne.

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I stood inside the shanty, my father and I was here because my dad was a doctor and was here to help an Indian woman who was having a baby. It smells bad inside the shanty, the husband to the woman smokes a pipe, and he had also cut his foot very bad. It was blood all over the foot, I have never seen so much blood in my interning life. In the lower bunk the Indian woman lay down with her head turned to one side. She lay under a big quilt. She screamed very loud. The woman was awful, it looks like she have a very big pain.

- You see Nick, this woman is going to have baby.

I feel sorry for the woman, why should she have a baby when it was a so big pain.

- Daddy, can’t you give her something to make her stop screaming?

- No, I haven’t any anaesthetic.


The woman who was warming the water, that daddy have to use, have a sad look in her face. It looks like she thought that the Indian woman died in any minute.


Dad told me that the babies have to be born with their head first, but some of they didn’t.

And this baby who should be born had his head wrong.


Dad started to operate out the baby, or he is taking a Caesarean like he called it. The three Indian men and Uncle George hold the woman still. The woman had a big pain and she bite George in his arm. He said the most awful word I ever have heard, he said squaw bitch! The other men who hold just laugh at him. After some minutes dad pick up the baby and slap it, to make it breathe.

- See Nick, it’s a boy.

I have never seen a baby, and I’m happy for that, it was so awful! It was all red, with blood and slime all over. He cried or scream very loud also. The Indian woman looked very happy and tired. Dad said that it’s very hard for the dad’s to see his baby be born, and I have to say me agree with that.


But when dad and Uncle George looked in the bunk, the husband lie there dead. He had cut himself from ear to ear. Why did he killed himself? Is it because it was too hard for him the birth?It was blood all over his face, and his eyes were open. I have never seen a dead man who had killed himself. Why did he do that? I do have to ask daddy when we are going home.


Dad said goodbye to the Indian woman and gave her a hug, I just say goodbye to here.


Outside it was dark. We sat us down in the boat.

- Dad, why did he killed himself?

- I don’t know, Nick. He couldn’t stand things, I guess.

I tough maybe that he killed himself maybe because he didn’t want the baby, bit I couldn’t say that to daddy.

- Do many kill themselves, daddy?

- Not very many, Nick.

- Do many women?

- Hardly ever.

- Don’t they ever?

- They do sometimes.

Why didn’t dad answer my questions good? If he is a doctor he have to know the answers, doctors do that. But I know with myself, I should never kill myself. That is a bad thing to do. I should never die!



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