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Merinda Napier

En historie om ånder som går og manglende vennskap.

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Mum and dad had decided that we should move. I didn’t want to move. I had all my friends here. What would happen if I didn’t get new friends? I would be stuck in the house doing homework and watching TV. Mum says that if I don’t get friends at once I could always do my homework. I hate homework. I want to stay with my friends, but mum won’t listen, she has already made up her mind. They have found a house we can live in and mum has found a job.


It’s a whole month before we are moving. But the time is passing too quickly. I can’t spend enough time with my friends. Then the day has come. The day when we are moving. I don’t want to move! I don’t go to school that day. I’ve already said goodbye to everybody. And I can’t stand the sad faces. I just can’t. But I did say to my friends that i would come visit.


When we arrived the new house, I could see that the house was very old.

- I wonder how it looks inside, I said loudly.

- It’s probably beautiful, mum said and smiled at me.

I gave a little smile back and stepped out of the car. There I was standing and looking up at an enormous house. It had not looked this big from the car. Mum and dad were thinking exactly the same as me.

- Wow it’s huge, mum said.

- Shall we go in? dad asked.

- OK, we answered at the same time.

We started walking towards a huge door. Dad opened the door, we walked in. the first thing that crossed my mind was that it were a lot of cobwebs here.

- This place is filled with cobwebs and spiders, I said while I killed a spider.

- We can fix it, you and me, we can wash the house and redecorate it. Where would you like to have your bedroom, darling? Mum asked and looked at me.

- I don’t know. Can I look a little first? I asked.

- Of course, she said and went into the kitchen.


I walked around the ground floor to see if there were any suitable rooms that I could have. There was no one on the ground floor, so I continued to the first floor. There were no suitable rooms here either. I went on to the second floor. There it was one but it wasn’t perfect. I went on to the attic. It was perfect. It was just the size I wanted. It had four windows, they were exactly where I wanted them and there was even a small balcony. I ran down to the kitchen. Mum was making lunch.

- Have you found a room? she asked.

- Yes!

- Where is it?                                                                                                           

- It’s the attic. It’s just perfect. It even has a small balcony.

- That’s great darling. We will start on it first thing tomorrow. In the meantime we will have to sleep in the kitchen. It is the cleanest room yet, said mum determined.

I could hardly sleep that night. I was so excited. I was going to redecorate my room the next day. Then suddenly I saw something grey, and a little bit white. I could see through it, but I could see it very clear. It had a face and a body, but its body was flying in the air. It was a ghost!

- Hello, the ghost said.

- Hello, I said nervously.

- Follow me, she said.


I hesitated a little, but I followed her. She led me all the way to the attic. Why would she lead me to the attic? What did she want? She pointed at a box in a dark corner and said “ set me free, please” and then she was gone. I can open it tomorrow I thought and went down to the kitchen were I immediately fell asleep.

The next morning mum woke me very early, but I was so excited that it didn’t matter. I grabbed a bucket and went to the attic.


I went into the dark corner and took the box out. Was it smart to open it? Ghosts are not known to be kind, but she had asked me to set her free. I’m opening it. In the box there was a book, it was a diary. It was a Merinda Napier’s diary. I sat down and started reading. This Merinda Napier had been pretty sad. She had been writing every day, even yesterday. I found a pen and started writing. “ Hello. How can I let you go?” Suddenly my writing disappeared and a new one came up. “You have to make me happy” it said.

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