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Myra's day

Historie om ei svensk 15 år gammel jente.

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Myra is a 15 year old girl living in a small town in Sweden. But despite what you may think, Myra isn’t like and other regular teenage girl. Once a week she gets a visit, a visit which brings her to another time and place.


It was Friday, Myra had just gotten home from school. She sat down at the dinner table and started on some of her mathematics-homework. When she had reached the algebra section, the bell rang, four times. She put on her flying coat and opened the door. Wearing the flying coat she could reach a new world far from the city’s noises and school. It was a world for the fantasy, actually it’s a bit like the world of Narnia. When she went out she began to travel to this new, more exciting world. She was floating on air, flying. She could look down on huge buildings on the ground. And she could hear the traffic, the busses and all the cars.


Suddenly she crashed into something. A man inside the building she was flying by had opened his window, and it was her luck to get hit by it. The man was shivering, Are you ok? He stuttered. He was thin and weak but his eyes were fortunately kind. Myra gasped. The man helped her in, gave her some water and made sure she was all right. Myra was flabbergasted. What year is this? She asked. If this had been in her own time the man would have closed his window and called his psychologist, questioning his mental condition. 2300 off course, the little man responded. Now she noticed that she had landed in a big city in the future. She walked down the stairs and ended up on a crowded pavement. She started walking towards something which looked like a hotel. The first footstep through the hotel door didn’t lead her into a building as she had expected. She started falling down into a black hole, she fell and fell. And when she finally regained consciousness she woke up in her own warm, comfortable bed.

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