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The only messenger

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This was it. There was no going back now. All of a sudden I felt some doubt in my mind – did I really want to do this? Well, I had to do it. I felt as though the weight of the world had been placed upon my shoulders. It was my task, my responsibility. I was the chosen messenger.


It all started when our village’s adventurer, Montry came home. He was critically wounded, but he managed to pass on what he’d seen. His last words were: “They’re coming, orions, thousands.” It may sound weird, but the orions were mankind’s worst common enemy. In reply to those words I was now on my way to the kingdom of Moria to alert the king.


My second day of traveling had recently started. I had ridden across plenty of plains and fields, but when I reached the valley of hallucinations which I strongly apprehended, I felt as though someone eyed me, like someone or something had me under surveillance. I didn’t dare to look backwards so I rode on feeling scared. At sunset I had reached a lake where I decided to camp for the night. I lay under tree while I watched the sun sinking into the water.  Suddenly I noticed a weird-looking creature approaching me with vague steps. He was approximately four feet tall, extremely thin and had hair dots spread over his entire head. When he stepped into the light from my bonfire I could see him more clearly. He had a friendly-looking face with orb-like eyes and a pointed nose. “Why you is here you?” he squeaked while avoiding any eye-contact. “I’m here on an errand.” I responded, trying not to frighten him away. “And you?” “Chiptob see come you, must give warning to you.” He continued. “Warn me? About what?” I hesitated. “Warn you I must.” He confirmed. He had dared to look directly into my eyes by now. “It is you path full of danger, oinos, omen danger.” Suddenly he vanished. I assumed that what he’d tried to tell me was that the orions were dangerous, which was a fact I was fully aware of. That night I lay awake, thinking what the creature named Chiptob had told me.


When the sun rose the next morning I had already began riding towards my target, the kingdom of Moria. I couldn’t stop thinking about the creature’s warning. Maybe there was something else to it? Then I saw them, orions, thousands of them. I had hoped not to see any orions, because it was common knowledge that they were an omen of death. What was going to happen next? Later that evening I reached Moria with my message. The whole village started screaming when they heard the terrifying news. The king got his soldiers armed and prepared for fighting the orions. I stood by a window in the castle watching a dust cloud drawing nearer and nearer. “You are a brave man Ponti.” The king’s hand was on my shoulder. “I owe you a reward for your heroic behavior.” He said while looking at the approaching orions with me. “I want to go to war with you.” I said but I was immediately rejected. “Only my soldiers are fighting this battle. Go home.” I went down to the stables and got on my horse. I rode towards the sunset watching the dust cloud approaching the castle of Moria. Suddenly I was laying on the ground. The face of my horse had changed into an orion. I saw the horse standing over me. Then it all got black. An orion is a true death-omen.

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