The new place and my strange feeling

Handler om en 15 år gammel jente som prøver å skjule hat bak drikking og dop. Alt er etter faren.
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My name is Jamie and I am fifteen years old! I have just moved to another place, because I had problems at the place I lived before. I took drugs and was drunk really often. I had no good grades, and did not care at all for my familiy. My dad was like this too. He said he hated me and some day he just wanted to live me. I always asked if he loved me, and then he said yes. When I asked how he wanted to tell me that,when he was living me, he said he just were going to send me an e-mail and write it there.


After hearing this so often, I didn`t care what my dad was doing. I didn`t felt like he loved me. And when I was so angry and sad, I started to take drugs and drinking.


Now I`ve got help, and I dont drink or takes drugs anymore. My familiy has been a good start to get help from, and they have support me much!


Mum have got a new job, and me and my brother, who is sixteen, have start at a new school. I was so nervous I hardly could stand at my feet!


When I came in to my new classroom, my teacher said so nice : "And here is Jamie.The girl I told you about. Jamie ; Tell us a bit about your self !" I didt`n know what to say, because I was so nervous. I started carefully with a low voice. I was nervose, and at the same time I had a strange feeling in my heart. Just like it could jump out! I started to get scared. Something was wrong. I looked at all the people in the classroom, and some of the girls and boys were talking about me. It felt like I had stand in front of the class in hours! The last thing I remember I said, was what I like to do in my sparetime!


On my way home, I was going alone. I felt that the people at school, have heard rumours from the place I lived before. Noboby had been talking to me at school. Not even my brother. All I wanted was going back to the life I had before I moved. It was easy. But I could`t. On a way, I didn`t want to eather, because I have finaly get over it.


It`s now been a month ago I started at this school, and I have got some new friends! In the beginning I didn`t liked me at all at this school, but now when I have got some friends, it`s not so bad after all!


But nobody know about my past. And nobody ever will.

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