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The Legend of Rainbow

Oppgaven var å skrive en indianerlegende. Dette er ikke noe som kan ha skjedd i virkeligheten, men fantasien har ingen grenser..

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Many centuries ago, there lived a little girl named Rainbow in Texas.

She was an ordinary Indian-girl, just like everyone else (well, not like the boys…).

Or that was what she made them believe.

She was evil, like the devil. But she had no supernatural powers.


Every time she had the chance, she tricked someone into death. She gave them poison.

No one knew about this before exactly three seconds before their heart stopped pumping blood through their body. Then she laughed:

- Ha, ha! How stupid are you?


Her tribe, The Rainbow Tribe, was getting smaller. Rainbow never got tired of her game.

The oldest and wisest Indians said:

- Do not cry over spilt milk.

But they cried.

Other younger Indians consoled by saying:

- Nature will punish the killers.


Once, when Rainbow was ten years old, a new family came to the camp.

They had seven children, and one of them was a ten year-old girl.

Her name was Sister-of the-Eagle.

None of the sisters or brothers had the name “Eagle”.


Rainbow wondered why. This made her mad. When Rainbow got mad, she felt like killing someone.

This someone happened to be Sister-of the-Eagle.


Rainbow was not really smart. She did not think everything through before she acted.

She went straight on:

- Hello, my friend! Rainbow said in her cutest voice.

- You are not my friend, Sister-of the-Eagle answered.

- Well, if you and I eat these berries, we will be friends forever, rainbow said.

- Eat those poisoned berries yourself, Sister-of the-Eagle said and ran away.


Rainbow looked down at the berries in her hand and whispered:

- There is no time like the present, and then she walked away.

Rainbow made juice out of the berries and put it in a bottle.

She took with her the bottle in a basket to meet Sister-of the-Eagle.


In the meantime Sister-of the-Eagle sat down with her family and ate lunch:

- Have you got any new friends? Sister-of the-Eagle’s mother asked.

- Do not ask me, she said.

- I know it is hard for you to get friends, but do not give up, her father said.


When Rainbow reached Sister-of the-Eagle, they had all fallen asleep.

Rainbow poured the juice into the sleeping girl.

- Ha, ha! How stupid are you? she laughed.

Sister-of the-Eagle opened her eyes and said:

- You did not take enough sugar in your juice, and I am not stupid!

- You are supposed to be dead, Rainbow said in a scared voice.

- Rainbow, you are not like me. I am good and I do not enjoy executing people. I am powerful, just like my name, the-Eagle, Sister-of the-Eagle said.


Suddenly an arrow flew through the air and hit Rainbow in her back. She died at once.

- The evil will never win!

Sister-of the-Eagle said as a huge eagle flew away.

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