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Mary's diary

Carrie finds an old diary.

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“Look what I found Danny!” Carrie yelled from the second floor down to her big brother, Danny. She was going through some old stuff at her grandmas house when she found a dusty old book. It looked like a diary actually.


“What is it?” Asked Danny when he came into the room. She told him about the old book, but Danny didnt even care to look at the book. When he went downstairs agian Carrie decided to read the diary. She read on the first page: “Diary of Mary Windigo 1520” This must be one of her ancestors diary!

She started to read...


1 july 1520

Dear diary,

When I went to the village today, I ran into my friend, Marie and she looked like she had been crying for hours. Her eyes where red and I could see that she hadnt sleept good. When she saw me she looked down to the ground and said a short hello. I told her to come home with me and tell me what had happend. When we finally got home I made her some of my herb tea and sat down beside her. “Oh its so horrible Mary!” She said. And then she started telling me about her mother who lives futher south. She had been accused to be a witch and had gotten burned at the stake 7 days ago. Her brother who lived with her mother had came to her house 2 days ago and told her the horrible news. I tried to comfort her, but she was devistaded.


30 July 1520

Dear diary,

So many weird things have started to happen in my village. A couple weeks ago I found a horse and its baby on a field dead. There was no sign of wounds, bitemarks or anything. So I went to the farmer who owned the field and told him what I had found. But then he accused me for killing his horses. But I told him I was inocent and found them just lying there. He didnt belive that his horses could just dropp dead so he sat out a romour that I had killed them and that I had to be a witch. And since he is a god friend of many people in the village, they belived him. And last week when I was out in the forrest picking herbs, I found two kids playing there. I asked them where they lived and if they had gotten lost. They told me they lived just around here so I went home agian. And the next day somebody had reported two kids missing so everyone had to be keep their eyes open. I told them that I had seen the kids the day before near my house. And then people startded saying that I had kidnapped them and that I really was a witch. The people got so angry at me that I had to run home.


1 October 1520

Dear diary,

Things have started to get really bad for me. Whenever I am in the village everyone looks at me like I`m a murder. I dont understand what I have done wrong. I have lived here for 30 years, so why would I want to hurt any of the peoples I know and care about? So what if I live in the forrest alone with my cat. And I make medicine out of herbs and plants. Thats their idea of a witch? Does that make me want to kill animals and kidnapp children? Since everyone notice me when I`m in the villiage I have decided to go there as little as possible. Maybe they`ll come to their sences in a while..


10 October 1520

Dear diary,

Like I have told you before I decided not to go to the villiage as often as before, beacause people stare at me. I made this decition so people wouldnt bother me, but I was wrong. Last nigth a crowd of people came to my house and started screaming: “Witch witch! Leave us alone or you well be sorry” I pretended as if I wasnt home and luckily they went away. But if this insanity dosent stop I dont know what they will do to me. And to be quite honest, I am scared...


29 October 1520

Dear diary,

I dont know what had gotten into people! Yesterday Marie got arrested because the villagers claimed she had witchblood in her and had to be burned at the stake like her mother. It was so horrible. Last nigth I could hear her screams all the way to my house, eventhoug I live outside the village. Imagine to hear your friend get burnt alive. I cried my eyes out all nigth.What has happend to the people in the village? Am I next for their foolish ideas?


1 December 1520

Dear diary,

I was rigth. I was next for their foolish ideas, but luckilly I managed to escape them when they came to my house and tried to break the door down. I am now living in a cave in the woods far from the village. I now know that sometimes before they burn the person they belive is a witch they test her. But these test are horrible. They tie rocks to your legs and trow you in a lake to see if you sink. And if you do, your not a witch, but if you float your a witch. But most of the times when they sink their dead befor anybody rescues them. Sick isnt it? I really wish I could do something to prevent this, but I stand alone agianst a whole village.

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