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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Litt om "extreme makeover" og lignende programmer samt forfatterens egen mening om temaet.

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I chose to write about this task, because I have many opinions about these kinds of tings, and I also want to learn more abut it. On television now a days, there are many programs that’s all about changing the way people look. I don’t know if it` s because they want to have better self esteem, or if they do it just to be liked by other people. Some of the programs that are popular these days are Extreme makeover and Fab five. There are many countries that make their own version of these programs. Cause it all starts in the USA of course. I am going to tell you a little bit about Extreme makeover, and Fab five.


Extreme makeover is a program where the producers picks out two people that have sent in an application where they tell a little bit about them selves, and why they want to be in the program. They also send in a picture of course. When the producers have picked out the to people that is going to be in the program, two people starts a whole new life.

They get picked up by a limousine and take an airplane to L.A. Or Hollywood. Where they meet the doctor, go through operations and get a completely new makeover. They also get to go to the gym to work out. They live like this for 6 weeks. Some people might get complications after the operations, one of the complications are that the wound don’t heal as well as it` s supposed to.
Some of the most popular things to do when you are in Extreme makeover, is: fat suction, breast surgery (Make them smaller, larger, and things like that), bleaching of the teeth, tighten up loose skin and many more things.


Now a little bit about Fab five. In Fab five, there are 5 gay people, that are going to change a mans life. In this program, there are usually the friends that have sent in an application. The 5 gay people are experts in different things. Some take care of the food, some of the interior and some for the clothes. So they take the “lucky” person out shopping and styling, while the other guys from Fab five, are home, taking care and cleaning the house. Later on, when “the chosen one” is coming home, his house looks completely different. Then he has to learn to cook before his friends come over to se the “new” person. He do that, and fix himself, before they come. While he does all this, the Fab five sits at home in their house, looking on everything he does on a TV. They see what he has learned from them, and what he has forgotten.


So, that was a little bit about the programs. I have to say that there are two completely different programs. There is no surgery in the Fab five. And in Extreme makeover, they don’t fix the house. But at the same time, both programs care most about the looks. I think that if you are going to be in Extreme makeover, that you should have a REAL problem with something about you. I don’t think you should be in the program just because YOU don’t think you look nice. I think if you have a real problem with self esteem or something like that, THEN you can be in Extreme makeover. But that’s my opinion. I know that the cosmetic industries just care about the money and the publicity. In some of the program, the doctor, or he that takes care of the operation, don’t even have the right to do it. Because he isn’t qualified to do it! And that’s insane! To let someone with no qualities cut you up! NO WAY!

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