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Om en jente som går seg vill i skogen.

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The school was over and we had summer holiday. I was really looking forward to some time off. The first days of my holiday I was going to relax and do nothing. Later in the summer I was going to visit my grandparents. They live in Hamar.


I took the train to Hamar, it was a very nice trip. My grandparents met me on the train station, and they were very happy to see me. We had a lot to talk about in the car to their house. They asked me about school, and what I did in my spare time. I told them about my school friends, my teacher, and that I love to play football.


Around my grandparents farm there was a very big and exiting forest. I liked to walk into the beautiful woods, it was a lot to see, and it was peaceful and quiet. It was one of the best and nicest places on the earth. My grandfather used to tell me ghost stories from there, they were very spooky and I loved to hear them.


One sunny morning I decided to take a walk after breakfast. I told my grandparents that I would be gone for a couple of hours.


It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, and the birds were singing. Life was lovely. I decided to walk to a part of the forest I didn’t use to walk in. It was very exciting.


I was walking around, minding my own business when I felt that the ground under my feet went away. I was falling. I went down a hill. It was scaring and I screamed. When I hit the bottom I must have past out. When I woke up it was beginning to get dark, and the rain was falling down on me. I had a lot of pain. It felt like my foot was broken and I was bleeding from my forehead. It was getting very dark and I was wet and scared. I tried to scream but no one heard me. The night went by and I was cold and hungry, and I had a lot of pain. I did not get any sleep that night.


The next day I had stopped bleeding, but my foot was still very painful, I could not move much. I was very afraid, and I was thinking about my grandparents. They did not know where I was. They must have been scared for me too.


A little later that day I heard choppers in the air. I could not see them because off all the threes. I tried to take myself to an open space so someone could find me. I managed to drag myself with my arms. It hurt very much. When I was almost there I past out again. The next thing I remember was a dog licking my face. He barked to tell someone that he found me. Two people came running towards me, they had heard the dog. I was so happy, I was found.


The two men that found me took me to the hospital. There they fixed my foot and I needed some stitches on my forehead. They told me that I had been lucky. My grandparents came to see me. They had been very scared for me, but now they were very happy I was ok, and I was very happy that I was saved!

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