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The lady of Shalott!

Teksten er skrevet med utgangspunkt i diktet om "The lady of Shalott", og historien handler om henne.

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This story is written from the poem: ”The lady of Shalott”. It is a poem written to the picture in the book.


Once upon a time there was a small country called Camelot. It was a country filled with towers and long fields of barley and rye. Through it ran a river, and in the river was a small island called Shalott. Most of the island was coverd by a big castle with four towers.In one of the tall towers lived a beautiful creature, in a room with four gray stone walls. She was called :”The lady of Shalott”. No one had ever seen her, neither standing at her window nor outside the castle. The only thing they knew was that she sang very beautiful, reapers could hear her sing early in the morning when they were reaping their fields.


She sat in her room night and day weaving a web, and in the night she heard from a whisper that she would be cursed if she looked down at Camelot. She didn’t know what the curse may be, but still she continiued to weave steadily and she didn’t look out her window. The little she saw of life beond her little room she saw through a crystal mirror, that she had before her every day of the year.


All the lovely things she saw through her mirror, she weaveth into her web. In the end the lady was half-sick of shadows in a mirror.


Then one day as the sun came up and shone through the leaves, down the road of Camelot came sir Lancelot riding. Sir Lancelot was a redcross knight in a shining armour. He was a bold man, and from his fiercy helmet flowed his long, coal-black curls as he roade on. When he came to the river the lady of Shalott could hear him singing “Tirra Lirra”.


At once the lady of Shalott left her web and took three paces through the room to look out the window. Then the mirror suddenly fell into a hundred peaces as the lady of Shalott cried “the curse is come upon me”.


The curse did so that she couldn’t look at Camelot ever again, neither directly at it nor through a mirror. She was banned from seeing the country.Then the lady of Shalott went down to the river, where she found a boat beneth a willow. Wearing a snow-white robe, she wrote “The lady of Shalott” on the side of the boat and then she loosened the chain, while she sang her last song. She floated down to Camelot.

Under tower , under bridge

By garden wall and gallery

A gleaming shape she floated by,

Dead pale between the houses high,

Silent into Camelo.

Out upon the warfs they came

Knight and burgler,lord and dame

And round the prome they read the name

“The lady of Shalott!”

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Vi setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir en tekst til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!

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