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"Educating Rita"

A book review on "Educating Rita".

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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Educating Rita was originally written for the Royal Shakespeare Company and produced in 1980. Willy Russell requested to update the published text in 2002.Willy Russell also produced "Educating Rita" as a film and received in 1984 BAFTA Awards for best Actor, best Actress and best film. The language is easy to understand and are full of humorous sentences. I think the author became famous by virtue of his talent, the way he has written the comedy in are so inconceivable. He made me sense the rhythm of time and plays, and last but not least the passion of learning and the challenge both characters find them self’s within.


"Educating Rita" is a comedy that I think is worth reading. The author gives us a marvellous description of a woman how wants to discover her self and are eager to find a new lease of life. Rita are stocked in a life she don’t want. She is so hungry to get knowledge and joins the Open University where she meets Dr. Frank Bryant who are a professor of literature (he seeks refuge in bottles of whisky). The play give us a picture of the passion Rita has for learning and about the bonding of two people who, through each other find a new lease. Frank Leeds Rita in her educational process until she takes the exams and pass. He had some hesitations about Ritas transformation into the intellectual track. The authors meaning most be as I see it an evolution in the mind, not a transformation of the personality.


If we look at Ritas reflection of life, what she have accomplice by reading and learning about literature and her self, a whole new world has opened up for her. The knowledge we have is what we have manage to learned in life. The knowledge that every thing we have ever learned, we will keep in our mind, no one can take that away from us ever. We are created for extending our knowledge of learning, it gives the soul water and the life it self a bigger meaning.

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