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The summer I was going to play in a show

Historie om en person som ønsker å bli skuespiller.

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It all started when I was 8 years. We had a theatregroup in my village and I was going to have one of the main parts in the play. I was going to play the prince, the handsome lovely prince. We weren’t many persons in our theatergroup; we were about 10 kids. So I hadn’t a hard fight for getting the part as a prince. But it was big, imagine, I was only 8 years. But anyway, this was only the beginning of a big career. The first play with the theatergroup came out to be a success. We performed the play for all the inhabitants in the village. It was great.


But some years later we had a play at our school. I didn’t have the biggest part this time, but I had a rather big role. I played the police in a play about some thieves. The play was called “The thieves who failed”, it was a comedy, and a really funny one too. We played for two hours, and in the end my partner and I caught the thieves and sent them to jail. It was very funny because we sad so many stupid things. This play also became a success.


Some years after the last play I saw a new show in TV. It was a youth show about some kids/youths who were going to escape from the city they lived in and make their own society on a deserted island. It looked very interesting, and I really wanted a part in this show. So I sent a mail to the company who made the show and asked for a part in the play. The answer I got was that I had to send a CV with my experience to the company and tell a bit about myself and why I wanted the part. So I did and sent a long letter about myself, my experience, and what I was thinking about the show. And I also said that it was okay to work in Australia. It was there the show should be recorded. I live in Norway so it is quite a long journey to travel to Australia. But I could manage.


Many weeks passed before I got an answer. In these weeks I prayed to God, I really wanted this play. The answer I got was: “We can gladly announce that you have got a part in the show.”


This was fantastic, I had got a part in the show, and I was going to be a professional actor. It was amazing. In the letter they were also telling me how I was going to travel to Australia, they had already ordered tickets for me. I was also going to stay at a hotel. My week wage was £50 000. It was absolutely amazing. They had got me a visa, so I could work in the country.


One week later I was on the aeroplane to Australia for playing in serie 2 of the show called “Welcome to paradise”. I was going to play a pilgrim who was coming to the island by boat. I had many immigrants with me, they wanted a place to stay, and they also got permission to stay at Paradise Island, but they had to work, they had to work hard. I also had to work hard, but not as hard as the immigrants because I were their leaders and had to negotiate with the leader of the Island. We weren’t enemies, but we were two different tribes that had two different meanings.


I thought my part looked very interesting and I looked forward to play it. But I was also quite worry about the language; I was very good at English, so I was afraid that they wouldn’t understand me. I had also said to them in the letter that I was very good at acting, singing, dancing etc. But in the reality I wasn’t. Vut I hoped they would understand me.


When I arrived Sydney, I didn’t see anyone with the company sign at the airport. I sat down and called them on my mobilephone. They answered that they were soon there, they had been stucked in a queue on the highway. I found a chair and after five minutes I was sleeping.


The days went very fast, and I learned a lot of new things about acting. It was fun. VERY fun. In the show we had now started to work on the island. It was very exciting to play, we knew what happened every new episode, because we had read it the day before, but it was still exciting.


I got many new friends from other countries. There were many different cultures represented. So I learned a lot from the other actors/actresses about other cultures. In the show I was always angry and scary, but in the real life I am not, I think, I am a kind boy who is very fair. So I was very different from the part I played. And that’s one of the reasons why it was so difficult to play the role. It was really difficult, I played in front of many unknown people all the time, and I talked a foreign language. So it was quite difficult to be angry all the time.


I played for about six weeks before I went home again. I learned a lot about acting, and that was great fun. I don’t know if I’m going back for playing one more time, or I’m out of the show. Because if they want, they can take me out from the script. But I really hope I have impressed the cast so I can get a new role next summer.


After the six weeks I went home to Norway again. It was very hard starting at school again, but I have to study in order to be a professional actor.


This was the best summer I’ve ever had.


Viva la Paradise Island.

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