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Du er her: Skole > Wayne's nice revenge

Wayne's nice revenge

Wayne skylder penger til noen, men han betaler ikke tilbake pengene...

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- You better pay me now, or you going to have big problems!

- Sorry, I don’t have your money right now

- Now you made me pissed off. It was your choice, and you made the wrong decision. You are going to regret this.


That was his last word before he walked away from the circus. I walked back in to my associates, and tried to look normal. I met my chief running around looking for someone. “Hey Mice. Who are you looking for?” I said. “I’m looking for you Wayne. It’s your turn to perform. Hurry up!” I ran to the dress room and putted my suit on. I was going to be a clown. The circus director announced my show:  “Welcome to the clown show. To day it is a special day for the Alabama circus. We have a well-known clown with us today. Give it up for Wayne Lambert.” I was pretty jumpy. This was my day and I was going to make this a super show.


I jumped in to the ring. I started doing some tricks. First I juggled and then I did some fun child tricks my father learned me. The audience was wild. They applauded and yelled. They were so happy. The next trick was to poise on a thin wire. I claimed up the lather. My hands began to get wet of sweat. I started to be afraid of failing the act.


O no. I can’t miss this trick this is the best one. When I stood on the top I looked down. It was very high. I focused on the wire. Step by step, I walked on the wire without any problems, until a shot hit my foot. I fell down and hit my head. It all turned black.


I woke up on the hospital with my left foot tied up in a rope. I realized what had happened. The guys I had borrowed money from, had taken revenge. I thought this was the end of my life. But it wasn’t. “Do you think I can keep on being a clown?” I asked the nurse“ No, I don’t think so. The guys who shot you really ruined your carrier as a clown. You have to be here a month before you are well enough to leave the hospital. ” You got to be kidding me!” “No, sorry.” The nurse went out when a police officer entered the room.


Hey, how are you doing? Little pain in the foot, but ok. Do you know who shot you? Yes of course. I borrowed some money from some guys, and when they wanted them back I didn’t have them. They said I would regret it. When I performed my act at the circus they shot me in the foot, and ran away. I fell down and ruined my carrier. I could say I regret it borrowing money from them. It is a shame. We are going to put these guys behind bars before you know it.


Day after day, hour-by-hour, the time passed slowly. One month later I could leave the hospital. Finally, I was going to get home and relax on the couch with chips and a cold drink. I entered into my garden, after a nice long walk back home. My garden looked like a Caterpillar has been there. It was big heaps with soil. O no, the guys have been here too. I could just imagine how it was looking inside the house.


I walked in with only one thought in my head: How my house looked like. I touched the door. It was filled with dirt. The wind opened the door, and I went in. O my God. All my books, all my paperwork, all my food, everything was thrown around. Mice knocked on the door. ”O my good God. What have happened here?” “The guys who shot me in the foot has been here.” “I better call the police.” He called the police at once. Tomorrow I was going to go to the circus again. I had to check how my associates were doing. “Wayne you can sleep at my place tonight.” “Thank you so much. I appreciate your help.”


I went out in my garden and further through the neighbours. Then I came to a big cabstand. “Hey there…” “Wayne.” “Where are you going?” “I am going to the Alabama circus” “Will be.”


I didn’t say a word during that trip. I was too afraid. Maybe these guys was here her now. No they can’t be. What should they do here? I paid the driver and said thank you. Slowly I walked against the door. My body was shaking like never before. “They are in there, I can feel it.” I kept on walking.” There you are Wayne. How are you doing?” “Just fine thank you.” That was my x girlfriend. She was a lively girl, but she was too self-centred. There they were the guys who shot me. “Shit.” I turned around and walked to the show. I sat down and enjoined it. Alabama circus had a new clown. It was his turn now. He started with my trick. First he juggled with five swords, and then he did those fun child tricks I learned from my father. Who does he think he is? It pissed me off. I wet down to the assistant chef.

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